BEHIND YOU! Mystery UFO Outside ISS Window 3/18/17

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46 Comments on “BEHIND YOU! Mystery UFO Outside ISS Window 3/18/17”

  1. While watching dust particles move around. Tylor missed the mass of dead alien bugs on the windshield of the ISS.

  2. there's no real prof that god exists,but 95 % of the planet believe in why dont these people believe that we are not alone.sometimes you have to have faith

  3. Its a huge structure in the background look at all the lights there Not 🌟's why so oddly shaped showing you the truth in front of your eyes

  4. Shit pisses me off to no end. Why the government just wont admit that we're being visited is beyond me. I guess money and power is more important than truth.

  5. I was told it was ice crystals from the Porto potty being ejected by swamp gas !!!!!! That's just fucking amazing how disgracefully obvious these lousy low life corrupted Scumbags Like Tom Jones can actually be the contempt they show American tax payers …He should be without question the head number one recipient of the Conny Inland beat down ….just for his smug arrogance …alone …

  6. So is it normal for the space station to be rocking around like a boat on waves?? Look at panels outside in comparison with inside.

  7. дерьмо какое-то постановочное !! эти лживые американцы вонючки так же и на луну летали ! в студии сняли мультик .

  8. What if this is only some dust or other things which are in the iss and get moved by the airflow of the ac ..?

  9. The man Tom Jan's or what ever he's name is but this is a clear of this is he is laying
    And in this is picture a proof. Of the a UFO and not this is a avidence about UFO'S and the video of the UFO that was a size of a moon with the sun seens with in the NASAs picture or some else pictures

  10. its'nt this the same woman astronaut that freaked out and cried something in Italian OH MY God! As she saw a UFO and other asto subordinates made her hush hush!

  11. learn about real things happening in space…………which is nothing at all if there is no life out there at all

  12. Looks good, but to play devil's advocate, could it be that an ice crystal might be acted upon by the solar wind, if there's solar wind at that low orbit, and that the ISS might have sheltered it from that solar wind for a few seconds, which caused it to change direction?

  13. I dont know why the USA just finally admits it, We already know that it is true, It wont be a damn shock , WE ALREADY KNOW THAT WE ARE NOT ALONE

  14. One of my 3rd cousins is an astronaut. I really wish one of these days i can get in touch with him, and pick his brain on his experiences.

  15. Question the nob she is turning is also goes through to space so why are they all not die why hold the camera you in zero gravity it will stay in one spot

  16. i have seen movement of the second objet at slow speed looks like a bird so it not true that they are in space its a closed network and a big lie (NASA)

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