Best UFO Sighting News Amazing Videos May 2015

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17 Comments on “Best UFO Sighting News Amazing Videos May 2015”

  1. I wasted my time watchn now im commenting , anyway, the CME that looked like jesus really is this shite your proof of alien existence. Earth size spaceships hanging out next to is wrong way you people.

  2. Hey, EriGIA, my girlfriend threw a beer bottle at me and it busted the stucco off the shed I built to put my quad in and it looks just like Rodney Dangerfield! Put me on your channel,man! 🍺

  3. This really is the most pathetic attempt at UFO footage I have seen in a long while. Pretty much every shot is calculatingly out of focus and, thus, suspect. I can take a shot of an Oreo cookie, fuzz it out and say that it comes from Alpha Centauri and there will be those who believe me. What do you believe? And as far as Christ being 'white'? Come on, Billybob Sue. Show me YOUR proof that it is so, or are you basing your claims on out-of-focus photos, too? Black, white, almond or whatever- what matter does it make in the end?

  4. The real face of jesus? really? Religion is why the world is in such shit. The man did exist, he was called Immanuel, and he was JUST A MAN. Gods do not exist, there are just aspects of our world that we do not understand yet, and stupid people call them acts of god, or gods. Start using your brains people, or we, as a species of this planet are fucked.

  5. clouds like the ones that made this video does more harm talking about clouds when directly captured photos and videos are hard enaugh to show proof of alien's when all that your doing is to help them discredit any proof your video is crap

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