Best UFO Sightings Of June 2018

UFO sightings are increasing every month and more people are starting to be aware of the UFO Phenomenon. People don’t have high quality cameras but they still capture something that is not easily explained and possible capture something that is out of this world. I hope you guys enjoy the best UFO Sightings Of June 2018!

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Videos used are listed below In Order:

UFO caught LIVE on camera during Newscast in Buffalo:

UFO again on SkyWatch 7?:

UFO in Masterton, New Zealand:

Saucer Shaped Craft Caught De-materialising Over Honolulu, Hawaii:
MUFON 92434

ufo sighting in Lithonia GA:

Orb Filmed Hovering Above Irish Family’s Home. Dublin, Ireland. June 9, 2018:
MUFON Case Number 92671

Posible ovni en copiapo chile:

Graban un extraño fenómeno en el cielo:


UFO over New York:

Flota de ovnis en chile 2018:


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44 Comments on “Best UFO Sightings Of June 2018”

  1. I seen a triangle craft fly right over my house very low to the ground I could even see what looked like metal rivet's u could hear a very faint buzzing noise it had head lights on the front and a strobing blue light in the rear I'll never forget it

  2. 0:33 … she says after sped up clip "that's a planet" from the 2d ball of light that moves that much in 10mins of filming ….ah……what?

  3. I have no doubt a lot of these are genuine tho some clearly are not.I watched in awe a "v" shape of bright lights one evening for nearly 3 hours – I wasn't drunk,I kept washing my eyes to check what I was seeing – -it was a clear warm summers evening just gone dark July -97 August – N west uk, I will never forget it – – – I got a chair and just stared at it for nearly 3 hours – 16 very bright lights like big stars in a clear "V" shape – since then I always stare at the stars –

  4. You can change the properties of things around you with your mind, and these will show there geometric shape to you if your are making any break-tho-roughs. Oh yeah if you still eating cancerous foods and not organic foods from nature your not getting any downloads from these Goldberg Polyhedrons on THRUST VECTORS. Teach yourself vector systems and some physics plus a little programming and you might be able to hack one of these baby's, or at least get there attention. My record is 7 times of making them dance around and do perfect circles showing me centripetal forces in perfect rotation. Who or what these things are, due to my expiriments have been PURE INTELLIGENCE. Thats all I can say.

  5. If I was an alien , I wouldn't want to meet us either, it makes me sad because only a very few are kind humans

  6. i subbed bro, keep up the good work, i see u have some knoledge to bullshit ufo video, pls try to not upload fake or cgi video,, btw i love the background music, good really nice. )

  7. The one in Hawaii, my daughter and I seen the same thing in WI and it did the same thing. That was June 14th this year.

  8. I live in Japan and I saw and film the same object that was filmed in San Alberto de Córdoba in June 18,2018 and it was in the Christmas night at 4:30hs am, I filmed with my IPhone and was not so good but is the same objct and stays for a long time at the sky

  9. es un ufo. y. declaro que tabien ai en aria 51 las vegas el gobierno tiene esos seres ai 51. poreso quien entre ai les tiran amatar…..abran…sus ojos…..toman forma como un umano pero son ufo……..ojo👀 aria 51 ufo las vegas nevada

  10. What a great collection and having seen these orbs for real myself several times I am a firm beliver. This is real.

  11. You know what? I HAVE HAD OVER 200 CONTACT EXPERIENCES and DO HAVE at least 80 VIDEOS TO PROVE MORE THAN ALL OF MAN KNOWS! After 9 years of sacrifice and suffering, I QUIT. THE TRUTH IS HUMANS ARE NOT, NOT, NEARLY EVOLVED ENOUGH FOR THIS VERY REAL SUBJECT MATTER. It IS and ALL just has to happen. Changes via THE HEAVENLY SIGNS! Dammit I have even been "zapped" by a Orb on 3-17-2010. I resent humans by now, because I tried and achieved the impossible. ONLY to lose this life, be hated and rejected for GIVING TRUTH! Same old humans,,,

  12. 1. Humanity’s destiny is to emerge into and to engage with a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe.

    2. Contact with other forms of intelligent life represents the greatest threshold that humanity has ever faced. The results of this Contact will determine humanity’s future for generations to come. This Contact is happening now.

    3. Humanity is unprepared for Contact. Researchers are still unable to clearly see who is visiting our world and why. Governments are not revealing what they know, and most people are still in denial that this phenomenon is even occurring.

    4. Because of this lack of preparation, humanity’s true allies sent representatives to a location near Earth to observe the extraterrestrial presence and activities within our world. The Allies of Humanity Briefings represent their reports.

    5. The Briefings reveal that our world is undergoing an extraterrestrial Intervention by forces who, as demonstrated by their actions, are here to subvert human authority and to integrate into human societies for their own advantage. These forces represent nonmilitary organizations that are here to seek human and biological resources. The Allies refer to these forces as the “Collectives.” The Collectives do not value human freedom.

    6. Because the Intervention is being carried out by small groups of intervening forces, it must rely primarily upon deception and persuasion to achieve its goals. The Allies Briefings describe in detail how this is being accomplished and what we must do to stop it.

    7. This extraterrestrial Intervention is being focused in four arenas:

    • It is influencing individuals in positions of power and authority to cooperate with the Intervention through the promise of greater wealth, power & technology

    • It is creating hidden establishments in the world from which the Intervention can exert its influence in the mental environment, seeking to make people everywhere open and compliant to its will through a “Pacification Program”

    • It is manipulating our religious values and impulses in order to gain human allegiance to their cause

    • It is taking people against their will, and often without their awareness, to support an interbreeding program designed to create a hybrid race and a new leadership who would be bonded to the “visitors.”

    8. Those extraterrestrial visitors who have been potentially beneficial to humanity have all retreated from the world in the face of the Intervention. Those remaining are alien races who are not here for our benefit. This leaves us in an unambiguous situation regarding the extraterrestrial presence. This enables us to clearly see what we are dealing with. Otherwise, it would be impossible for us to tell friend from foe.

    9. The Allies Briefings emphasize the grave danger in our accepting and becoming reliant upon ET technology offered by the Intervention. This will only lead to our becoming dependent on the “visitors,” resulting in our loss of freedom and self-sufficiency. No true ally of humanity would offer this to us. The Allies emphasize that we have earth-based solutions to all the problems that we face. What we lack as a race are unity, will and cooperation.

    10. In spite of the great challenge we now face, humanity still has a great advantage if we can respond in time. The Allies Briefings reveal both the Intervention’s strengths and its weaknesses. One of the Intervention’s weaknesses is its reliance upon human acquiescence and cooperation to achieve its goals. According to Greater Community rules of conduct within the region in which our world exists, intervention is not allowed unless it can be demonstrated that the native people welcome and approve of it. Here our voices can have power in the Greater Community. At this moment, the Intervention has few critics. But if enough people can become aware of it and speak out against it, the Intervention will be thwarted and must withdraw. This is the first step in humanity’s preparation for dealing with the realities of life in the universe. This step and all the steps that follow give humanity its one great chance to overcome its longstanding conflicts and to unite in its own defense for the preservation of the world. The Allies emphasize that we as human beings have the spiritual and collective power to do this and that we must do this if we want to survive and advance as a free and independent race in the Greater Community.

    Knowledge: The spiritual intelligence that lives within each individual. The source of all that we know. Intrinsic understanding. Eternal Wisdom. The timeless part of us which cannot be influenced, manipulated or corrupted. Knowledge is a potential in all intelligent life.

    The Way of Knowledge: Various teachings in learning Knowledge and Wisdom that are taught in many worlds in the Greater Community.

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