Best UFO Sightings Over The Middle East The Man Who Captures UFOs Over The Holy Land! 2013

Incredible Footage From The Middle East Captured by AQ. Speaks to Thirdphaseofmoon Exclusive On location from Jerusalem! If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype or Facebook!

Go to original youtube video here UCuBPlZTF6TGO0g58QgcgsxA

33 Comments on “Best UFO Sightings Over The Middle East The Man Who Captures UFOs Over The Holy Land! 2013”

  1. yup we do have lots of ufos here to . its crazy there verry brite in the sky …there fast and they stand as a star ufos do have drones

  2. 我的假設是 :ufo 靠材質科技 進行自體發光無需消耗外部能源 進而產生發光的狀態 發光同時是一種 飛行狀態利於飛行加速 也是一種可自體產生 能源的狀態(回收熱能) 所以看到的ufo "有發光 和非發光" 兩種模式 我也假設 ufo 不只一種 "可循環" 能量來源 再假設: 會出現在中都 可能是因為 屬於 多戰亂的國家 並且中東人 先祖以前 可能有跟外星人 和作過( 採礦) 所以才會頻繁的出現 並且讓你們 看到~ 但礙規定 不能有直接接觸之理由 故所以無做其它交涉活動 只是讓妳們知道 他們在觀察我們 以上 都只是假設

  3. Im guessin all of these videos HAVENT been sent in by ppl and that YOU have made them with an editing programme like adobe or vegas. The acting is BAD. (And thats being nice) the cgi is bad, at certain points u can see the 'ufo' move with the camera because you've used stabilisation to add a fake ufo but havent corrected it properly. Also theres no atmospheric effect on the 'ufos' just pure FAKE. I really dont know how people fall for this crap

  4. well seriously now??? in this whole universe could we be the only living beings??? i really saw something that shocked me..i know a plane how looks like or other experimental flying crafts but a moving colour changing sfere??

  5. Try shooting them down with some anti air missiles since they don't wont to come down and talk.

  6. It looks like it could be Blake's lamp reflection, ever thought its possible that Blake is having a conversation and recording the conference display from with in his room? It explains the visual scan lines in AQ's video.

  7. I am not an Earth soul,silly one,stop to stalk me,you are not a lightworker surely acting this way.

  8. these TR-3B and other models are interesting, maby they can be shot down with powerful herf guns and disected.

  9. If you slow down the footage in the first video, the aircraft that comes into frame from the left of the shot is moving at a rate that is not synchronized with the framerate of the video. Assuming the video is at 30fps, the greenscreen footage of the aircraft that the Israeli kid dropped on top of the video is is running at 15 fps.

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