Bethesda Microsoft Complete, Monster Hunter Rise, Aliens Fireteam ACG Gaming News!

Gaming News with ACG. We discuss the bethesda microsoft joint, Monster hunter Rise coming soon, and of course Aliens Firetime which is looking good
ACG Gaming News

Bethesda Microsoft Fistbump Complete, Monster Hunter Rise, Aliens Fireteam news!

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21 Comments on “Bethesda Microsoft Complete, Monster Hunter Rise, Aliens Fireteam ACG Gaming News!”

  1. No matter how Aliens: Fireteam turns out it's going to be better then Cyberpunk2077. I'm looking forward to it.

  2. I really hope Microsoft will make Starfield and TES 6 a XBOX and PC exlusivity. Even more now I know Sony tried to make the game exclusive to its console before Microsoft buyout of Zenimax. But I doubt they will have the balls to do that…. Because, well… More money.

  3. Acquisitions of this kind have rarely resulted in positives, be it Disney with Lucasfilm, Activision with Blizzard, or the countless companies that MS, Sony and EA have nosedived…
    I'm not really expecting anything from Starfield neither. I'm not pining for Fallout in space tbh. It also still has years to go in development and after the mandatory restructuring that will gradually seep in to align with the corporate MS blueprint, who knows if it's even going to survive. How many of the current Bethesda heads are going to stay after such a payday? With 7b, you can have a permanent spot on one of Musk's rockets and Starfield in real time…

  4. I can see MS allowing maybe Doom, Wolfenstein, Dishonored, and the Machine Games Indiana Jones title go to PS5. They'll keep Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Starfield Xbox/PC exclusives.

  5. Seeing the Fallout franchise being torn apart like this makes me both depressed and angry. Weird feelings to have for something as trivial as that but I grew up with FO1 and 2 and while the 3D versions were invariably Oblivion levels of "meh" with often interesting exploration, nothing prepared me for the travesty that is FO76.

  6. i'm not hype about starfield… is a game from the company that made fallout 4 and fallout 76, (fallout 3 was half stolen, by the way)

  7. What, if the new animal mount is called a Palimute and is a dog companion, does that mean that they and Palicos are so called because they are your pal? I don't know what to do with this information.

  8. F*** them then, bethesda are trash anyways. If they wanna limit starfield sales by ignoring half the market and making it xbox exclusive go ahead, its going to be a glitchy below par dumbed down poorly written mess like all of their titles nowadays

  9. Sony is definitely losing the upper hand with more exclusives going towards Xbox/Microsoft. Sony had the upper hand by far with Grand theft auto on ps2 before it got released on Xbox

  10. Crazy how after all this time ACG still doesnt do sponsors. I wouldn't even mind if it helps the channel. As long as its not like a bullshit Raid Shadow Legends let's play lmao.

  11. Xbox is so stupid. Releasing a console without VR is like making a smartphone without a touch screen. It’s 2021

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