'Beyond any technology we know about': Riskin on UFO sightings, new Pentagon report

CTV News’ Technology Specialist Dan Riskin breaks down the latest on the report from the U.S. Pentagon on a rising number of UFO sightings.

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23 Comments on “'Beyond any technology we know about': Riskin on UFO sightings, new Pentagon report”

  1. This Dan is the most arrogant and ignorant person (who proclaim himself as an expert of NOTHING) I ever seen in my life.

  2. They know exactly what these things are they recovered a crashed ship at Roswell in 1947 and Jesse Marcel Sr was not a liar either these are Extraterrestrials!

  3. Really? You have to giggle and snicker? You can't cover this story with even a modicum of professionalism? And what a shallow take on the report. Have you ever considered actually doing some research before blithering like this?

  4. They know exactly what and who they are. They are not aliens. They are fallen Angel's their offspring and demons. They have and are working with them.

  5. Calling them uap’s now is stupid when UFO never meant aliens either, they just want you to NOT think ”aliens”. Fail.
    Furthermore saying insulting things like “Mulder and Scully “ makes you look very bad because we were always right and you were always wrong. You are now considered deniers just like flat Earthers and you still make fun of those who did they research while you didn’t.

  6. Enough with the jokey x-files snickering, you’re downplaying the actual point of the report: There are unexplained phenomena that are hugely beyond anything we understand how to build. Whether you want to fixate on aliens or not, this implies a strategic capability that defies our understanding of physics. That’s worth taking seriously, no matter who built it.

  7. Beams of light my ass. These objects showed up on radar, onboard camera, and coborrated by multiple pilots. They even detected radio signals off them.

  8. Worst journalists I've ever seen. Yeah military censors don't work. Radar lock is not real. How are these two even on T.V.

  9. But it remains, cameras never take psychology but real things that at times naked eyes can't see

  10. UFO is real, Alien is real and please don't be friend with them because Alien is a 👿

  11. One time saw also like some moving things near or with clouds coming and going to near clouds and did go hiding back on clouds, weard things really. Was sutting on the bus straight In daylight even sun was shining.

  12. Someone tell me where to get a deflating balloon that hovers motionless, In high winds, for long periods of time, and that travels 30 times the speed of sound. Better yet 9 deflating ballons that simulteously surround navy warships while demonstrating descernable intent/intelligence in their maneuverability. Thats one hell of a deflating balloon 🧐

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