Bible Prophecy Disclosure of Alien and UFO secrets | World Deception – LED Live

For thousands of years, earth has been visited by beings seemingly from another world. Unexplainable flying and cloaking technology is now being publicly investigated by military personnel. What or who are flying these advanced crafts? Does the Bible have answers for us? Are we seeing prophecy come true? Find out on this episode!
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Our Mission: It is our hope that a more sophisticated awareness, and in-depth knowledge, of what lies at the “heart” of 21st century pop culture, will allow families and individuals to more clearly distinguish well intended authentic entertainment from deceptively crafted propaganda, which attacks the minds, confuses the senses and rips apart the fabric of society.
“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” [Matthew 5:16]
“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” [Ephesians 5:11]

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39 Comments on “Bible Prophecy Disclosure of Alien and UFO secrets | World Deception – LED Live”

  1. Soft disclosure has been taking place since 1946…movies, books, reports of phenomenon that can't be explained. But if we see the agenda in place, it's to create fear and division amongst believers and non believers. Chuck Missler spoke at great length regarding this subject from his experiences in the army after the second world War. Not one Pastor I've spoken with thinks this is even a little bit important…but the gospel speaks at great length about the coming "grand deception". Good job tackling this top, God Bless You.

  2. Could you guys do a video of Narnia. Is it really a christian movie?? please I'm really looking forward to that.

  3. These “aliens”, I believe, are the Fallen Ones from the Bible. That is to say, I believe the leader of them (Satan) will pretend to be Christ, absolutely. Remember the Nephalim in Genesis, the Fallen Ones. The root word of Nephalim means “fallen”. They’re the ones that taught us war and many other things we weren’t supposed to be privy of. That’s what Satan meant by we would be as gods. We would have their knowledge

  4. I cringe every time I hear the phrase "we're all in this together" in reference to the pandemic. It feels like they are grooming us for threats yet to come.

  5. Great job on this one, glad you guys did aliens because it can be touchy subject to some, but the Bible does very clearly explain what the deceptions are going to be. Keep up the amazing work:)

  6. Off topic but-
    I know I’m months late from the Dragon Ball Z/anime exposure….Please do a full Genshin Impact exposure vid! It has so many dark and strange references! I would really like to see that, knowing it’s a game I enjoy playing and it makes so much money from its audience. As a religious person, the dark references are very scary and dark….even it’s unaware to the youth.

  7. Demons!!! Satan's gutless wonders! A demon can't get baptized unless by pope Francis! The Antichrist. Funny how people believe in Aliens, Evolution etc. But not God! Unbelievable! Eternals? Until Lord Jesus Christ comes in the clouds with his amazing angels. Man is the devil gonna be packing death and his bully fallen angels. It will be as in the days of Noah. If someone says Christ is here or there! Don't believe it, every shall see the second coming! I've noticed so many end times movies; zombie apocalypse, Aliens etc.

  8. Wow I thought aliens(demons) were just a myth…. you guys have really opened my eyes to this type of stuff. Keep up the amazing work guys, I've been loving the content recently.

  9. Wikileaks is supported by Russian spies and propaganda trying to overthrow the U.S. and British governments; so, don't fully trust Wikileaks documents.

  10. There is a scientist named Hugh Ross. He is a Christian and has researched the UFO phenomenon. He said the people that have the most interaction with this stuff are heavily involved in the occult

  11. I used to do channeling spirits, aliens, higher self and am so thankful to Jesus Christ for getting me out of that demonic practise. Great show LED and super important for our times atm especially. I think you may find that the ALF clip is fake or voiceover edited.

  12. MMMM using conspiracy hooboo joobooo to prove your weird hooboo jooboo. ah yes, truly you are all woke to the demonic lights in grainy video footage .

  13. Why couldn’t Demi lovato talk about that in private? Why did that have to be recording live for others to listen to? Just makes you think.

  14. Look, the Bible doesn't tell us everything since, back when it was first written, God knew that our mortal minds were not able to comprehend literally everything else in mortal universe just yet. He destined for us to become more psychologically prepared aided with certain advancing technology to comprehend it all. Besides, there's no Australia, Antarctica, or New World continents in the Bible, yet they are real, and not hellmade.
    And for the record, Heaven and outer space are quite clearly not the same thing. You obviously can't get to Heaven via a rocket ship, and while you are alive inside said rocket.
    You, at the very least, cannot deny the existence of other planets, natural satellites, sun-type stars, etc. Besides, in the late 1960s AD, humans landed on our natural satellite, the Moon. At the same time, our planet is clearly NOT flat, and it (just like the other planets in our star system) orbits the Sun, not the other way around. In fact, the geocentric theory is as outdated/discredited as the old theorized tail-dragging forms of prehistoric dinosaurs (no tail-dragging marks have ever been found in their fossil tracks).
    The rest of the galactic universe is simply the rest of what God created, bigger than we can ever imagine. And quite likely, God made life on other planets elsewhere in creation, for He made the entire physical universe.

  15. This s the reason why Biblical Geocentricism (flat earth) is important to be discuss among Christians. That's the message of Enoch that is specifically written for the Last generation. We live under a Dome a Solid Firmament like a Looking Glass which is strong according to Job. We live in an enclose world…. No aliens, they were basically Demons as drawn by Alister Crowley which exactly look like alien grey.
    Earth does not spin in space. YAHUAH bless .

  16. Have you ever heard the goa trance? I use to be a fan of that music style. It is full of with occultism and aliens. Just an example: the most famous artist group of the 90s called themselfs Astral Projection. One of the most famous songs of them is Searching for UFOs. This is one example, but if you dive deep into that era you woulf find a lots of examples.

  17. You forgot to say in the trailer to the eternals it also shows babylon and shows them in front of the gate of ishtar. I took it as a sign also that they are a subliminal message too the Babylonian gods

  18. A lot of interesting information, and much of it connects certain dots, the replacement of high ranking officers – who knew it was demonic- over the years, " unveiling " or releasing it to the public only after creating a society of which a great part has fallen away from God and the Bible, 2 generations for that matter, portraying them as helpers when also the Vatican embraces every other religion as it is all good and leading to the same goal … frightening and yet easy to see how many can be manipulated. Consider the mess that has been created and the fear that has been induced, climate, pandemic … one thing though, the telescope-story is not entirely correct according to
    Thanks for another great show though.

  19. id love to get a show like this started, really like your talks. its funny because i was thinking about doing something like this since before ive heard of you guys. if any like minded individuals agree and would like to make something in this theme, send me a message

  20. Also interesting that Tom is a freemason. You will see freemasonry images in his Angel Airwaves cd cover artwork.

  21. Have yall done a flat earth podcast yet?. If not you should get rob skiva on. Or Austin witsit from witsit gets it

  22. They aren't Demons, Demons are disembodied spirits of Hybrids (Giants, mermaids ect) they're Fallen Angels. The demons are powerless, they cannot manifest in the Flesh on their own, they need a Host to possess, they keep roaming on Earth waiting for their destruction. The Angels on the other hand can freely manifest into anything they Please. Some of them uses deception (illusion) in order to trick is into thinking something is there when it's not. They know how to use our Brain against us.

  23. I see the game Halo, as where the dev. had added hints of Biblical and antichrist features, like how the "United Nations" gathered around to fight alien beings from outside of Earth, and the character you play as Master Chief, was referred to as the "Demon", mainly because of the aliens being so-called religious, which is just the concept and not the actual story. I just wanted put out something that is related to what you guys do with Media and Bible-relations, because that is something that was stuck in my head for so long.

    God bless you guys all!

  24. A little surprised transformers never came up. I tend to believe that Ai and most technology is demonic in nature. I think we could also see "ghosts in the machines".

  25. What we will all eventually know is that the occult nazis had two witches who talked to entities from another demension through ritual sacrifice pf children. Straight outta mesamatamia to Turkish bath houses to nazi germany to Epstein island. In return for these rituals the two witches were sent schematics thus the nazi tech. Anti gravity etc etc. So we "win" the war invite all the nazi over in fear of soviets getting them. This at mid to lower levels is true why they rationalized it.

    At illuminati levels Hitler was their face. Their Barak obama. Charismatic speaker. The pinky to the fist. The four remaining fingers fall into the shadows. Fascist socialist. Satanic witches. They basically took america. One tech they dont talk about was nazi mastered trauma baised control by shocking many many jews with electromagnetic shocks to split personalities. So they build deep underground military bases deep down. Into the 50s and 60s the white picket fence usa Christianity was still strong. Certain generals didnt like when they visited these bases they were forced to sign that they wouldnt use Jesus name. These generals went and told the president that we needed to go to the laws of moses now yesterday. They were not listened to.

    The entities that we deal with arent aliens. Its biblical. Look into jim parsons a top.nasa propulsion specialist with no college. He used alester crowleys spells and did a remix. He opened a portal to God only knows. Apparently all the navys in the world responded to something in one of the seas or Atlantic ocean near europe somewhere expecting a end of world scenario. Acient aliens is disinfo. Some truth lots of lies. Parsons is very important in whats going on now. There are so many satanic pedophiles and celebrity vampires literally. People will be shocked about how it all connects. Its not aliens its demons and fallen angels trying to come back. What do you think cern is? Bible is truth. Firmament is real. We never went to the moon. Bunch of satanic deception. He is the deciever so props satan. Im telling any Christian reading this look into alester crowley, his sex magic ritual that conceived barbara bush. Yes cia vp president bush sr wife and jr president momma. Its true. Jim parsons NASA propulsion/ warlock black magic user and his spells and his spells he never closed. Why so many crytpid sightings in the past 50 years? Some, are gin as some call it, parsons opened a portal and never closed it. Satanic black magic.

    Look into nazi vril society occult ritual sacrifice witches contact entities. Duck duck go. Its all there. This education will make the following storm much easier to understand and handle. God wins. Pray and its gunna be ok. No aliens. Project blue beam, holograms. If you see a ufo soon most likely a last kick of satans deception as he loses control. The real tech will be shown after that and other events take place. There is what folks call UFO actual hardware that is insane. But tangible. The holograms will scare the crap outta you. They have tech to fake jesus face in the sky. The Kesha levoto thing is what they all do. Channeling is how they act so well. Jack Nicholson is a channel man. Its not aliens is demons. These people sell their soul to satan via occult secret societies that perform mesamatamian satanic ritual sacrifice. Just look up ellen DeGeneres set/ Epstein island// turkish bath houses. All ya gotta do. Its all tied together and its biblical. I really believe that folks can spare themself and their families alot of pain suffering and grief by looking into what i wrote read it for yourself just duck duck go it and at least present that there is a 1 percent chance its real and thats a start. Satan is slick. God gave him earth. For now.

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