Biden’s Venmo Contacts, Confirmed UFOs & South Carolina’s New Execution Methods | The Daily Show

Reporters find President Biden’s personal Venmo account, a former Navy pilot says his squadron consistently sees UFOs, and South Carolina’s death row inmates have to choose between electric chair or firing squad. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #JoeBiden

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41 Comments on “Biden’s Venmo Contacts, Confirmed UFOs & South Carolina’s New Execution Methods | The Daily Show”

  1. I used to find this guy funny until I finally saw what he really is. And one of the most racial profilers in media today. Always bringing up racial subjects and what would Africans do in said situation. What are a poser and his jokes sound like he tries too hard.

  2. But my question is. Is there so many executions by lethal injection going on, that the drugs are in short supply?

  3. The most technologically advance war machines on the planet can't identify if its a cloud or a spy drone. I don't know, my moneys on the UFO's being real because I want an excuse to betray the human race for a shiny new pair of rocket boots and space beads.

  4. (Yeah you might be executing me but wait until you see your electric bills) just think in reality this incident happens the officer will definately will go in shock after that statement 😂😂

  5. The African pilot joke was hilarious I'm sorry I'm African-American and even I laughed out loud in real life for that one

  6. As a USN sailor stationed aboard the ammunition ship USS Mauna Kea (AE-22) in 1972 while cruising in the Tonkin Gulf off the coast of Vietnam, we were shadowed on a clear, moonless night, (appropriately 2200 hours, 10 pm for you civilians), with unlimited visibility, by a UFO. It performed seemingly impossible maneuvers by any conventional aircraft, as it would accelerate from one horizon to the next in the blink of an eye, stop, and do it repeatedly over a period of about 15 minutes. It was witnessed by multiple trained observers before assuming a stationary position relatively close aboard on the port side of the ship, at a guesstimated height of roughly under 500 feet, and then abruptly shot straight down, surreptitiously disappearing into the water, with calm seas of 0-1 feet. CIC (Combat Information Center) reported no radar contacts. I suspect it/they were interested in the nuclear weapons we were "not" carrying, clandestinely transferring them via underway replenishment (UNREP) under cover of darkness, to another ship, but that's just my guess
    As to the origin of UFO/UAPs, I will just say this: I later went on in my time with the U.S. Navy, to become involved with a classified program known as SOSUS, which utilized passive, non-linear hydrophone arrays placed in strategic locations within the Pacific and Atlantic oceans to track and monitor surface and subsurface contacts, most notably submarines. I held a security clearance which prohibited me from traveling to the then Soviet Union, or any Soviet bloc nation, for a period of 10 years following my involvement with the program. It was basically secret squirrel sh#t, and I had the opportunity to learn my name in Russian in case I was ever taken captive. To make a long story even longer, even though the U.S. government and the military attempts to highly compartmentalize intelligence gathering operations, once you're in a program, there are opportunities to interact with people involved with other secret squirrel operations other than your own, and "stories" are sometimes swapped, I saw this, I saw that, I heard this, I heard that, etc., the point being, the public at large has no idea of the level of black ops programs there are dealing with what would seem like out of this world – as in extraterrestrial – science fiction.
    Operator: OUT

  7. They can't get deadly poison, because giant soulless companies are worried about their reputation… Firing squads are available though…

  8. Well you people know what, inventing execution methods is a bit dangerous. Mr. Guillotine the inventor of guillotine was killed by his own invention and not by accident either.

  9. I badly wanna believe in aliens, but the only problem I have is that they only land in America….out of the whole fucken world…they manage to find only America

  10. Absolutely, just ignore the UFO's! Illusions don't always need to capture one's attention to move one to do something about it.

  11. Why would Biden need Venmo? And when Obama was president he said he wasn't allowed to have a phone for security reasons.

  12. So Trevor, you're saying that they saw UFO's every day for two "YOURS"? … ERMAHGERD!

  13. I never use Venmo because of this exact problem. I can’t believe it’s taken this long we can’t ignore these privacy issues it’s a huge problem

  14. Yeah….. Worry about ufos 🛸 🤦🏽‍♂️… bc that’s exactly what the news want you to do… mess up ur nervous system by worrying….. humans are too dramatic 😆

  15. Firing squad is the most effective death sentence. Bar the Guillotine. Death by drug doesn't work the way people thinks it does. People's chemistry are different.

    Death Sentence is barbaric but you have to get rid of bad seeds somehow right?

  16. government: the ppl can’t be told the truth abou UFO’s there will be histeria and caos.
    The ppl after finding out UFO’s are real : 🙄 pffffff….

  17. LOL. A FIRING SQUAD. What year is this? We are in better hands with aliens as our leaders then our current setup. SO Electric Chair or firing squad…. LOL… Help THE USA…..

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