Biden’s Venmo Revealed, UFOs Definitely Exist & Exclusive Look at The Bachelorette Men

“60 Minutes” did a story last night about UFOs and it should be the biggest news story of the year, our house band Cleto and the Cletones made their triumphant return to the studio, President Joe Biden reportedly used Venmo and there are some interesting transactions, Republican lawmakers are up in arms about Biden canceling the “Garden of Heroes,” Joe Exotic is still seeking a pardon, the tiger on the loose in Houston is safe now, and since the 17th season of The Bachelorette starts next month, Jimmy gathered his Bachelorette crew (his wife Molly, and pals/staffers Louis, Erin & Maggie) for an exclusive look at the men who will be competing for Katie’s heart.

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38 Comments on “Biden’s Venmo Revealed, UFOs Definitely Exist & Exclusive Look at The Bachelorette Men”

  1. Referencing the thumbnail pic of Joe, Jimmy must have been down on the floorboard and under the steering column.

  2. Ever search for 'Joe Biden' on YouTube, and then filter by 'This Week' and sort by view count?

    On the right, you'll find conservative news channels critiquing policy, in these you have pissed off comments about the country being ruined through specific policy changes.

    On the lefty, you'll find left wing talk show hosts cracking jokes, with the comments from liberals talking about how nice it is to have a fluffy grandpa that has no negative sides to him.

    Really quite telling.

  3. I want this weekly breakdown of the bachelorette – only way I will ever know what's happening when people talk about it. 🙃

  4. The talented sardine distinctively suck because font baly open versus a scarce advertisement. statuesque, obsequious exclamation

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  6. Jimmy Kimmel get your whisperers out to Uncle Joe Biden’s house and whisper in Joes ear Jimmy Kimmel needs you to like wear these cool sunglasses for a quick show.

  7. People who don't believe in UFO = Children of god refuse to believe he has another family on a different planet LOL

  8. I will join the conspiracy theorists and say that maybe area 51 is making these types of machines and maybe that's why people tend to attach the area with aliens… Cuz aliens are the only ones smart enough to come up with a machine that can do all those maneuvers right???? 😒🙄

  9. Wow in later decades this has t be included in the epitoy of human conciousness open discussion capabilities and investigation attitude


  11. We live in a country where a job that pays less than $15 an hour requires a bachelor's degree and 10 years experience. But Lauren Boebert, who recently obtained her GED last year, is a congresswoman and makes a 6 digit salary.

  12. There propulsion system is anti gravity, powered by element 115

    Btw, Thanks Trump withouth you this was never made public on the scale its gonna be now

  13. Jimmy Kimmel takes UFOs 🛸 and the Existence of Extraterrestrials 👽 Seriously! Jimmy Kimmel is Cool! 😎 👍

  14. I had forgotten about that nutshell, she is striking back she should have stay in her shell.

  15. It cant be russian or china aircraft. The video goes back to 2003. We'd know by now that our enemies had this technology.

  16. I hope the aliens watch our comedians first. They need to get a proper perspective on how we really are before going into the rabbit hole of human politics. Otherwise I fear they might just nuke us to cleanse the earth

  17. Man…if that technology is from a foreign country that has been messing around with the US military, we are already doomed.

  18. The Cabal are planning to do away with Kamala after she makes the deciding crucial vote for Joe Bidens Infrastructure Tax Bill to become Law and then HE dies a few days later as foretold in the Bible.
    Book of Daniel 11:20.
    Joe Biden is the EXACTOR as written in the Bible.
    Book of Daniel 11:20.
    Glory to Holy Clean Jesus Christ my MERCIFUL MASTER Amen

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