BIG Mysteries Part 1

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11 Comments on “BIG Mysteries Part 1”

  1. It's an interesting theory, sadly I'm sure that jack@## Hawass he's been inside that thing by this time and if there had been any kind of alarm system in place it is probably long gone! I, personally, have never believed it was a lion either 😎🔭🔭⛰

  2. Part of me wonders sometimes if it's not just a memorial to a beloved golden retriever of an ancient titan sitting in the middle of old lawn ornaments and we just happen to be taking everything way way out of context.

  3. Doesn't the sphinx normmaly come in pairs to protect ? Perhaps they know this ones head has been changed and the reason they will not let anyone dig up the other one across from it is because they know there is a major difference in the head look ..

  4. why do people think the head of the sphinx was at one point not a human? Al-CHEM-y comes from egypt, KHEM = egypt, in alchemic symbols animals and humans are joined frequently (though I don't understand why exactly) so to me it seems extremely plausible that the head was always human.

  5. The marks on the sphinx sign of heavy rain (or just a lot of water maby seawater…) is showing on and around the sphinx. Thats why it’s older than 13.000 years. It could be much much older, but then it would not fit into zawi’s lie. Mr. Hawass lie, period, and no one dare to say he is a liar.

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