Bizarre compilation, Two suns in Florida, Square cloud, UFO's & faces in the clouds over Turkey.

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Source 1- juliana_jubis
Location- São Paulo Brazil
Date- September 19th 2021

Source 2- Jose Laflare
Location- Minesotta
Date- October 5th 2021

Source 3- Eric Estrada
Location- Unknown
Date- Unknown

Source 4- Chad Morrison
Location- Unknown
Date- Unknown

source 5- Dena Montgomery Grey
Location- Florida
Date- September 23rd 2021

Source 6- Matt Landman
Location- Unknown
Date- September 9th 2021

Source 7- Extreme weather world
Location- Istanbul Turkey
Date- September 18th 2021[0]=AZWGazuZy4SLPRhu9iUSXKI5XXXgKG1QW-f4vBs1jczlRpd7pHqA5x46NUpoFY8TyRpl5cj3WGOBwxW5UxEQQXliJdgEtmHAZYwKg7x8tjtADqnteYBom1ODOc2O6tRWlYA1soueeITeNNXfddpEWCTCi_-6p5eBeTl6yWVa4jFE1Q&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-y-R

Source 8- Zaira Insaan
Location- Thailand
Date- September 18th 2021

Source 9- Snir Mially
Location- Unknown
Date- September 18th 2021

Source 10- Delanne Fillips
Location- Newquay Cornwall
Date- September 16th 2021

Source 11- Kevin Barnett
Location- Maryland US
Date- September 20th 2021

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11 Comments on “Bizarre compilation, Two suns in Florida, Square cloud, UFO's & faces in the clouds over Turkey.”

  1. Yo, Been having technical difficulties with my microphone set up, Thought it would of been sorted by now but it could take another few days so I’ve put this compilation together for you, Be back as soon as I can 👍 💥

  2. Glad to see you brother, was just thinking this morning, "wonder how ol Grim is doing." 👊🏼💥✝️💥

  3. The faces in the storm one is creepy. I've seen many a video, showing 'faces" in clouds, but never like that. Most of the faces seem in the clouds are not insidious looking like that, especially well defined.

  4. @7:00 it looks like one of those black eyed babies we’re seeing, or I think they’re calling them “post vaxxxx’d…post rona superbabies” or something… but MAN, what a strange strange time we’re living in!!

  5. also not sure if it's a coincidence but lot's of things happening on sept 18, the day before the volcano erupted in la palma

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