23 Comments on “Black UFO Over Ontario, Canada, May 2021, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. Him: What the fuck is that?
    Me: Maybe if you hadn't stopped the recording as it approached, we could have understood better ….
    I do not understand, it is not the first video I see, that as soon as the object seems to approach, they stop recording.

  2. Nothing about this can't be done with human technology. 99.9% likelihood of being prosaic.

  3. Sin dudas es un atado de globos de cotillon inflados con helio, se nota claramente que algunos estan menos inflados, a pesar de la pesima filmacion que parece aproposito.

  4. It looks as if it is carrying a body of someone at mid-drift under the craft from what I can tell from this short film, funny it should pass over the street lights as they go out what timing.

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