Black UFO with Tendrils spotted over Brazil

Black UFO with Tendrils spotted over Brazil

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16 Comments on “Black UFO with Tendrils spotted over Brazil”

  1. OG Tarik from Philly salute UFOMAN what the heck is it? Definitely a UFO 👾 tentacles to they should be watching the sky 👑💯💪🙏👽🛸👽

  2. I think we're heading towards another mass sighting like the Phoenix Lights. There is so much weird shit going on, it's only a matter of time.

  3. Great capture, Tim! Moving on to another, unfortunately, less complimentary matter – as a loyal and faithful subscriber to your channel, I'd like to kindly ask you to "cease and desist" from uploading new clips, then abruptly moving them some time later – the latest being the Medellin, Columbia, sighting you posted earlier. I'm not sure if I'm your only subscriber who finds this practise rather irritating, but from a viewer's perspective, it's pretty frustrating receiving a YT notification that can't be accessed because the poster's removed the upload. I'm a great fan of your channel, Tim – so much so that I save your clips to folders in my YT account, which is another reason why I find this practise rather annoying. In the great scheme of things, this is just a petty annoyance, like a fly landing in your Chardonnay, or a death row pardon a minute too late, but please dude, can you reconsider? Sending you and your channel much love and good vibes from South Africa.

  4. This object looks a lot like the ticks I pick off my hounds and crush with extreme prejudice. Hopefully, I won't get abducted by a giant airborne tick in retaliation for my sins against that species.


    There are Hundreds of Thousands of Millions of ET Ships in our Skies Worldwide Cloaked and Uncloaked from Numerous Star Systems.

    These Beings come from the Star nation of Bellatrix. They were Accepted into the Galactic Federation: Three years ago. Their Planet is One of brightest stars in Constellation of Orion; it is the bright star found just to the right and above Belt of Orion.

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