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  1. look it's a bird , No it's a plane . OMG look it's a UFO .OMG please don't forget to call the UFO reportings hotline on facebook please join my facebook group and share your pictures and videos of your UFO sightings . thanks to join please go to my facebook page joseph william gardiner sr that's my personal facebook page. please send me a friend request and join my group UFO reportings hotline.keep your eyes in the sky's

  2. I agree keep your eyes on the sky!!! What a show they gave last night in New York.. I bet they still up there today!

  3. New subscriber, I enjoy your footage and your topics. Maybe your other viewers aren't on mobile viewing these videos, but with the way you talk, and the volume of the background music, its difficult to make out what you're saying most of the time. Can you turn down the background music in your videos please.

    Again, love the content!! Keep up the great work!!

  4. "Salivating in anticipation folks." Props on the channel and spectacular footage, Blake. In the immortal words of Sam Jackson (Jurassic Park), – "Hold on to your butts!…."

  5. I couldn't work out what shape it was but then I realized it was a long square pillar flying sideways with I think two leg like exhausts on two of the square corners.

  6. This looks like genuine, clear footage. The object does not appear to be a drone, or balloon, or whatever. UFO, pure & simple.

  7. Well that's some AwsomeSauce for the world.Blake Cousins Thanks for The Best Video Yet. Tisha Dupree

  8. i believe in life outside our planet and even outside our dimension universe etc, but in this human planet everything is possible even its possible to this is a fake montage or even a real footage of a DRONE, now-days with drones technology and etc its hard to detect what is really a UFO or etc or what is a "Normal human technology" its easy to confuse normal humans to separate what is a real UFO and what is a Drone, and i think its is propositional to confuse people, but know something? i not need human proofs or government to say to me what is truth or not because i believe in the life out of our world and i don't need a scientist or any human to give me proof to believe because i already know the truth or partial truth of the universe =) the truth is inside my soul and mind and what i know is sufficient to proof for myself, well i love mysteries and everything that is not human related or human "shit", everything are a mystery or supernatural its catch my attention sometimes, only fools thinks we are alone in the infinite dimensions and universe of this and other worlds haha its sad how a huge and enormous population on this planet are septic about the truth and live their life's with ignorance =).. well i stop there its all, good video (even if this is a drone or not) nice video!

  9. I saw a ufo. Always wanted to see one but it was never gonna happen. I saw it over a well populated area surprisingly enough at midnight. Coming home from work, about to unlock my door and I decide to turn around. I looked up and saw this thing in the air at 1 mile or so away. I think to myself NAH, i'm gonna be calm about this and review my options. #1, is it a balloon, NOPE, #2 is it an airplane or helicopter, no sound or movement so NOPE, is it a light coming from somewhere because it was glowing…. Nope looked around. It was still stationary but started focusing its glow or light left right left right up down up down like someone moving a searchlight very quickly. It focused its light slightly in these directions for about 10 seconds and then flew off and disappeared in a length of 2 seconds. I saw the thing VANISH. People may ask why I didn't record it? BECAUSE I was staring at it thinking about what I was looking at. Whatever it was, I couldn't identify it. I WISH I RECORDED THE DAMN THING.

  10. holy fucking shit! its han solos space ship!!!!

  11. After viewing the clip twice, my conclusion is that this is a flying drone. Look at the way it moves.

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