Boomerang UFO [CRAZY VIDEO] Sherman Oaks CA! 2020-2021

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Boomerang UFO [CRAZY VIDEO] Sherman Oaks! AI Implications? 2020-2021

Captured By LiteratiCircle Source Link:

A.I. App Special Thanks To Sheila Aliens Check Out Her Channel:

Go to original youtube video here UCuBPlZTF6TGO0g58QgcgsxA

42 Comments on “Boomerang UFO [CRAZY VIDEO] Sherman Oaks CA! 2020-2021”

  1. The last thing courts of law care about in a case is footage. They need first to establish your presence in a crime scene by other means, then will use the footage against you. However there's a small chance that you will be charged if you were accidentally there and someone deepfaked your face killing the victim. So I'm with banning this $hit.

  2. Could be a drone with lights attached to work in a certain preset way? Who knows …how large or small is the spinning lights ??

  3. I have heard Hollywood is owned by China. I also heard Hollywood can cover up crimes by saying someone put their face on a crime. Hillary and others already quoted this sound suspicious.

  4. they spiral video is the camera man slightly swirling the camera…….thats why the whole video is moving such as the houses etc.

  5. Damn it subscription had gone! Had to resubscribe! When will YT get this all sorted out? Or, when will we stop 'A'-holes from cabal negative realities locked up behind bars? Actually that last question was the true reality I guess. Thanks guys for the work you do.

  6. Re Spinning ufo.. check all the down lights on the building.. Its clearly an artifact from the camera.. they are all spinning..

  7. Its a good video showing another i dont or never seen object. As for serious the worlds a serious think right now.

  8. In a world with so many lies, agendas, ideologies, and hypocrisies. No form of government will be able to govern. NOT ONE. Technology took a wrecking ball to everything.

  9. They're was something similar seen in the waterfront/docks of Los Angeles-Long Beach ports,and They found out it was a drone but it would happen every Friday and Saturday at around 3-4am which left us Longshoreman astounded!

  10. I've seen spiral UFO's before. But I'm not sure what is was… remember Unidentified Flying Object means UNIDENTIFIED .

  11. It is just a poor boomerang that has forgot witch way to go because it is way too dizzy, and i bet there is some poor aborigine waiting on Ayers rock for it to come back.

  12. Of course the remote control drone toy changed, it was sideways then turned. Always a laugh with your video's.

  13. 🖖👽🤖👾🛰️☄️🚀👻 It reminds me of the other boomerang UFO that was slingshotting all around the Earth & awesome CG face app!

  14. show me the law that 'congress' made it illegal to use deepfake or even an app…
    just for your information, facebook is not the government and not the congress.

  15. This is a joke right? @2:15 to 2:16 look at the left half of the screen when the edit happens. There is one all the way to the left middle of screen and one towards the top left of screen doing the exact same thing and I seen it on my first watch. Isn't this what you guys do for a living?

  16. Oh no… Can`t you see that this is effect you got when move / shake camera? You have the same circles all over the video but it is best visible when camera points on single bright dot with black background! 🙁

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