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29 Comments on “BREAKING NEWS: 13 March 2012 – UFO REVEALED!”

  1. Aagin so what? Someone posts a distorted image from an NRL instrument. The scientist that built it said it was an artifact. And a YouTuber with no qualifications whatsoever says its a spaceship. Who do you believe? Hummm! that's a hard one! 🙂

  2. It was believed by those who knew nothing about how the bomb worked or were trying to make political points or to sell newspapers. My point was that those working on the project ridiculed the idea (as would most scientists) and they proved to be 100% right.

  3. now i dont think its an actual planet. but im thinking maybe this is what Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier may have seen and assumed it was a planet.

  4. I find it humorous when people make statements such as that one. It was after all once thought a "wild idea" that the Earth was round…One of the first to claim the Sun was a star was burned at the stake for his "wild ideas". Ideas that today are pretty much common place. Just as the "Wild Ideas" of today in the future could likely become common place as well. Fact is, science is pushed through barriers via wild ideas. An open mind is what allows advancement.

  5. Ok now you are just plain being ignorant. I've read the NASA research. I know the results. The bickering is pointless. What I have stated is truth…fact. NASA information backs it up as it was their experiments to begin with. You can argue with them. I didn't make those things how they are, I just learned about them. Why you are arguing points that really are not relevant too I don't understand. You seem to keep attempting to side track the whole topic.

  6. i never said it was a ship i just said a ship was reported a few months ago. dont put words in my mouth. thats not cool. as far as qualification? you have no clue what mine are so stop assuming.

  7. I cannot discredit or even debate with you about this, as obviously your expertise in using available means in observing the physical sun, production, and presentation is superior.

    I do enjoy your productions and thank you for them.

  8. No, it was thought to be a statement of a heretic by the church. Science knew it was a globe back in greek times. Eratothenes actually measured its size to a level of accuracy that was not surpassed for nearly 2000 years.

    Each time you confuse religious doctorine with science. Yes, it was science that broke those barriers just like it is doing on evolution, global warming, genetics, …

  9. You said black holes were a myth recently – I showed you that wasnt true.

    You said that it wasnt believed bacteria could survive in space. I showed you that NASA was taking precautions decades ago because they believed that bacteria could survive.

    You claimed that it was believesd that the the A bomb could ignite the atmosphere – I showed that statement was wrong too.

    That is 0 for 3. Where am I deviating from the point?

  10. No it is an observation. We see these cavities all the time, we make measurements of their size, temperature, density. I show an example of another one (the green montage of images) which was published by a colleague of mine.

    We watch them erupt – those that become unstable – into CMEs

  11. They might be but they arent depicted in any of these images (sunsflares admits that – see his comment to be below)

  12. They are relatively common – their shape depends on which angle you observe them from and the shape of the magnetic field on the Sun

  13. I can't even begin to tell you how wrong you are. By the way, the way you write up stuff, you try to make anyone else stupid. Also cavities do not have circular sharp turns. You are an idiot so is your video.

  14. It was in response to several very stupid videos suggesting the sun was being sucked dry by vampire ufos

  15. Even from Proba2 using SWAP it does look interesting haha 🙂 It rather looks to mee like a particles gathered by a tornado before it reaches critical point and they are "just" blasted even if it looks really like an ordinary planet from SWAP detector.

    If there would be moving such a huge object we should detect very big graviation vialoations on earth, don't you think?

    Still very impressive.

  16. This video is a load of bollacks lol, just because its in the corona doesn't mean it CANNOT be a solid object, there are things we cannot comprehend in the universe.

  17. I must say that was a very interesting little video. Don't know if I can dispute it or not I don't know enough about Stellar physics to even begin to try. I never thought it was aliens or spaceships and certainly not a planet. No Planet could be in the coronal atmosphere like that and survive. But that begs the question could another star be that close to the corona and not be destroyed? It seems to me that if we had a small dark star that was not emitting any light cuz it didn't have enough energy it could be that close to our sun and it wouldn't hurt it, more than likely it would draw energy from our sun. Also begs the question that if this is a feature of the Sun why does it not rotate with sun as any other part of the atmosphere would?

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