BREAKING NEWS + Black Object (UFO) Passes Moon & Satellite NOAA16 ID'd

BREAKING NEWS – LUNAR WAVE CONFIRMED – Plus – This clip adds some perspective to the spaceship with thrusters clip I uploaded on the 5th. Take a look at the known satellite and the unknown black object and then consider the object with thrusters in this context. The satellite in this clip is typical of nearly every satellite I have ever filmed with regard to appearance and speed.


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  1.    Thank-you for the upload and all the work you do in filming and editing your clips Crrow. Some great shots of that "object".That's always a bonus when you can get independent verification of your Lunar Wave….this is the second time now and pretty much nails down that something is going on with the Moon.
       Peace   Y

  2. WOW!! Crow777, you are getting some very interesting videos of our Moon. Whatever's going on up there, is telling us some amazing information. Keep up the good work my friend!

  3. ok……going to go out on limb here based on this latest wave confirmation… theory is the moon is actually some type of construct that is being covered by a hologram…..if  this is true then its hard not to conclude that its of alien origins or of some far greater intelligence that controls our world…..the hologram is used to disguise it as I think its their base and is used to observe and monitor us…..we were programmed to believe the moon is, well, just a moon with the fake moon landings so that we would just say, ah….its just the moon, there's nothing up there……and the reason was that whatever is orchestrating this knows that as we advance we are getting better and better tech to observe the moon and NOW, we finally have and we are seeing these "waves" which I believe is just some holographic program that resets itself every so often to reflect what we have been programmed to see based on the how it should be reflecting the sunlight………anyway, call me crazy, but that is what I'm starting to conclude is really happening….all the NASA footage is mostly fake or is just pictures of the hologram or of some other surface……I do think there is an object up there, but we are not permitted to see how artificial it is……this presence must be able to move celestrial bodies and place them in orbit and then use them as bases….

  4. Crow,
      I stumbled across this video of an Indian Lady reading some Book about the Ceiling of the Earth is around 40-50 miles and talks about many Celestial Objects and how even Galileo saw this also…Pretty interesting and thought of you…I thought you might find this interesting, so thanks for all you do.  Here's the video:   THE SOLID DOME OF THE SKY

  5. Hey Crrow, I am just getting started watching your videos. I just want to say that it takes a class act for you to say that people without the funds to not order your shirts and etc. And returning the persons money back to them that is above and beyond what many sites wouldn't even think of doing. Again great videos.

  6. Hey Crrow, we have some very strange things going on with the moon that we have noticed and wonder if you have observed any of this.  In Indiana, at say 10pm central time, the full moon was sideways (basing on Tycho crater) and at the same time, in Arizona the moon show's Tycho straight down while Washington State observed this same angel. Others show no man-in-the-moon-face at all with Tycho being up and to the right. To drastic of angel differences for just being in geographically different places within North America.  Your thoughts would be very much appreciated.

  7. Great catch Crow! It looks like ti is tumbling a bit too. I have a 5 inch Celestron Newtonian scope. Is it big enough to catch objects like this. I never have. Do you still have the Crow777 Hoodies?

  8. based on other Crrow  footage and Crow calculations, I am thinking this is near earth low orbit. ok throwing it out there … Northrop Grumman X-47B. I guess the question would be, would an object like the X-47B be this focused at 90K feet ?

  9. I'm so glad that I found you and your channel. I find you to be very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I am one of those pay check to pay check people and I still plan on donating when I get out of this hole I'm currently in because you truly deserve it. Well thanks again for all that you do from Atlanta.

  10. how fast do you think that is going it took us 10 years to reach that commit if we had that what ever it is sure we would reach that commit quicker no  

  11. Crrow, I have a theory as to why we saw the wave.  Lots of times in space agencies, for example, someone….out of a sense of doing the right thing, leaks out either symbols, images or something, so that the smart folks in the public picks it up.  I am thinking someone part folks running the technology to conceal what's on the moon, might have went "opps!" and 'accidentally'  hit one of the buttons or whatever, briefly allowing the wave to happen before 'fixing' it.  From what I seen before, there's folks in the coverup groups…actually 2/3's from what I heard, who WANT this truth embargo to end and end the secrecy…BUT majority rules do not apply in that area..and the SMALLER part of these groups, the ones who are willing to kill to keep the secrecy..and enjoy killing, won't budge…so I say there's some in fighting right now, and the wave is one of many results.

  12. Nice find!! NASA ya'll can come clean anytime now..choke choke..Crrow777 when ya have a lil time can ya shoot me an email plz sir 🙂

  13. It's like the refresh rate on the moon image is forming an interference pattern with the recording equipment. You should shoot at 60 fps see if it makes a difference.

  14. The rotation of the sun's equator (sunspots) is basically in-sync with the rotation AND orbit of the moon, roughly 27.3 "days".  NOTICE that large sunspot 2192/2209 was facing Earth during the last two "new moon" phases (three nights of darkness)!?

  15. You are making the assumption that satellites exist in the first place, as you say in one of your videos don't believe anything unless you experience it yourself 

  16. I found your channel a couple of weeks or so ago and love it! I have actually been dreaming of moving to a good place to do this myself witch a huge telescope and high res 4k camera. I just started doing contract work as an ethical hacker a couple of months ago and they pay is so good I may be able to make this happen once I feel comfortable the work will be persistent.  I will also be donating soon to your project.

    BTW, I really liked your thoughts on donations for lower income folks. Very kind of you.

  17. I agree with kevin bauer,great work.There is something going on with our Moon,there's to much traffic up there,for there not to be.I wouldn't be surprised if NASA is flying back and forth,from the Moon,who knows what there doing up there.

  18. I just want to say the comment you made about people donating money to you that can't really afford to was impressive.  You just proved to me that you are a class act and someone to be respected.  Keep up the great work,, you sure do give people food for thought.  Happy New Year.

  19. you are just catching satellites and trash we leave up there. You mention something about a satellite that was decommissioned and something about how they are dealt with. You don't think they go and get their trash do you? They leave all their junk up there. They are not going to spend a dime to clean it up until they have to -which is never. I wonder how many satellites there are up there – I bet there's a lot. And just as much if not more of that is dead junk. This is all you are looking at.

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