Breaking News! Giant UFOs aliens keep coming to the Sun – January 27, 2013.

Review of images from NASA satellites: SOHO SREREO.
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(RUS) НЛО возле Солнца 27 января 2013.


30 Comments on “Breaking News! Giant UFOs aliens keep coming to the Sun – January 27, 2013.”

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  2. Those objects would be larger than the Earth if we are viewing the sun at that relative size. The psyche is a funny thing. If our minds think something exists, we see it everywhere. For people who truly 'believe' foreign life has made it to this part of the galaxy, these images look like UFO's. To people who don't 'believe' it looks like space dust. Literally, these photos are completely inconclusive.

  3. Ignorants – you will never see truth even if pushed into your eyes – those aren`t the only one photos of Ufos near sun corona – go and look for yourself – object big as our moon in suns corona – pictures can be found on SOHO satelite site.

  4. I've seen the truth with my own eyes. There are many many more civilizations out there. Much older than any of ours. I long for the day that the entire world will see what I have seen.

  5. it cant be a asteroid or a rocket because it cant go that far it will take thousands of years to get there and by the time it does it will melt before getting any where close

  6. I think you are correct in your assumption, but you really should do a google search on the actual size of a trillion, you will find it is a lot bigger than you think. if you gave each number 1 second, counting 24 hours a day, it would take you 31,687.3 years to count to a trillion. so ……ya……saying trillions and trillions makes you look……………uninformed.

  7. This might sound stupid and crazy and unbelievable, but what if those are the aliens that the conference was talking about? the same aliens that gave advice to us about how to fix our planet and complete type one civilization? And start on type two? Harvesting energy from the sun. In the conference the ETs said our planet was over populated. And we should already completed type one and two, and started with type three. They might be helping us with type two?

  8. That so called space ship is even big for a space station. our beloved earth would look that big if we compare it too our sun. So that is can posible be alien space ship. Specialy not couple of them.

  9. i just hope they got all of their shot before landing on this sick planet…or maybe they will sterilize this rock and let nature start over again just like we use radiation to kill cancer..there is no gravity…this place sucks

  10. Those Jupiter-sized ships are regulating the temperature of the Sun by drawing of trillions of tons of plasma. This must be an attempt at stopping global warming. They're sort of like maintenance supervisors of a large building or housing complex, and they're simply adjusting the temperature of the furnace….

  11. you gotta ask yourself why aliens would bother going that close to the sun as even with our in comparison stone age technology we can image and record the most pertinent details of the sun. Plus the sun is one of the most common boring stars in the galaxy. Not withstanding that the cameras that caught these so called UFO's are continually bombarded by charged particles, many of which leave traces on the imaging sensors. I image space nebulae with a CCD and record stuff all the time. Hot pixels i'm afraid not ET. Yes it could be UFO's but the most common and obvious explanations must be accounted for before asserting galactic beings. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

  12. No,the sun is fuel to the ships or as we call for the ufo's it's not just a boring old star it keeps us alive idiot if you were smart you know we need the sun or how are we going to live and how are things going to grow

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