BREAKING NEWS: Mega Ancient Alien [Metropolis] Discovered Off Ice Land! UFO Sightings 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Mega Ancient Alien [Metropolis] Discovered Off Iceland! UFO Sightings 2015! What is this google earth evidence? Nazca Lines Underwater? Share Your Comments Below!

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24 Comments on “BREAKING NEWS: Mega Ancient Alien [Metropolis] Discovered Off Ice Land! UFO Sightings 2015”

  1. We can even figure out things in Arctica? and there is people trying to figure out thing in Mars & pluto?Lo!

  2. Very controversial statement and evidence, I understand the "Grid" patterns and where you get nasca lines from this. However I don't understand where you see an alien metropolis. That's what we're looking at is geological information… :S

  3. Are all Americans so dumb? Iceland is a volcanic island most of what you see are caused by under water lava flow

  4. As soon as I saw "Third Phase of the Moon", I KNEW THIS WOULD BE SOMETHING FAKE. You all watch while I go back to the real world.

  5. This, and lots of different areas under the ocean, look to be artifacts in the resolution of satellite imagery. Better resolution where they can get (or bother to use) overlapping scans. These overlaps will have sharp edges, making it look man made. Well, it is man made, but by the satellites.

  6. A fact: Many years ago when I appeared earth for public use, I found many strange things like the ones that you show and some really extraordinary ones (on Mars). Regarding the first thing, Google gave me a special license to use Earth Pro until January 2017 and I I have gained much. But the question is that I have records of images of the coastal edge of Canada in which giant monoliths are located (I would say) strategically. But none of the Earth I have today, they appear. Even a huge arrow pointing to the Antarctic was erased. And not by the layers because years before they do not appear either. Of all I have register tell me where you sent them and you will have . Bellatrix2012 <> gmail

  7. It's not on the coast of Iceland it's on the coast off Svalbard which is a Norwegian
    archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. Situated north of mainland Europe, it
    is about midway between continental Norway and the North Pole.

  8. You might consider Utube Zak Zaurus site, where he presents a dozen or so excellent vids on this phenomena. For a definitive view on this see Herbert Klien's Underwater City, again, on Utube. The difference between them is that Zak's sites are well off the continental shelve's in deep water. Whereas Herbert's site, off Baffin Island, is in relatively shallow water and newer chronologically. There is then the fact that the continental-shelves are the earth's old ( pre-Catastrophe ) shoreline, and thus the sites of Zak, and here, are of that pre-Catastrophe era. Herbert's site rests on a post-Catastrophe topography in 500 ft. or so of the ( now ) Arctic Ocean. The oceans were once 500 ft.or so lower, as the bulk of water was locked up in the Polar Caps. A rapid thaw raised the water level and inundated the city Herbert has found. I have an idea of what has been encountered, but can only consider Zak's report, that these marks are in large part made be gigantic " crawlers " as he puts it. Eventually we will have more definitive answers to this puzzling question, one thing for sure … the earth's history is not what we are led to believe ! Cheers.  -George

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