12 Comments on “breaking NEWS NYC UFO's explained. NOT BALLOONS. Oct 13th 2010”

  1. There are so many in the sky around my place at night….they look like stars unless you look at them with a telescope like I did….:)

  2. @PanicButton042 Yeah, well, almost every night. Sometimes I'm too tired to go out but yes, I think the main one I look at is the one right in front in the pix I took that I'm using for my background on this page….have u been to my page? This is them…no joke. I've had to do a lot of thinking and figuring out how to talk to them. Hard enough to talk to homo sapien strangers..for me anyway! lol.

  3. If modern airplanes can fly throught clouds and in total darkness due to radars,gps, sensors etc, why would alien ships need spot lights to fly . IATA regulations ?

  4. Never have I seen an aircraft wing that looks like that, in flight. Its a fake, and not even a very good one

  5. When u look at it close it looks similar to the arm of a backhoe tractor although I do not know how one would be so high

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