1. I have a feeling that aliens could land, run naked down main street, turn the skies green and on the main media you would hear, "Aliens, ufo, naked, real? Back to what Donald Trump said when he was 4. " One of the best pilot sightings, for me will always be when ufo's hung out with Japanese Airlines. Still, we know that most people have seen something that they can not explain and yet our news people giggle or smirk when the story hits. We are cowards when faced with feeling uneasy.

  2. My friend who I totally trust was a RAF air traffic controller a few years back.
    He has seen objects on radar that moved at speeds and changed direction in ways that are simply not possible on quite a few occasions.
    I found that very interesting to hear.

  3. Interesting. Personally, I'm inclined to think the pilots definitely saw something weird and not just space dust. You could say I'm biased though as I saw a UFO myself twice before. So I'm definitely a believer in the possibility of extraterrestrial life out there.

  4. I've been meaning to ask you, have you ever heard of, or seen videos from, "The Real Jimmy Roberts 1"? He does some really interesting videos regarding the photographs sent back from the rovers on Mars. After watching them, I don't know what to believe… but they're really interesting. I'll post a link in a minute.

  5. Hey Drew. I highly doubt what the Irish pilots and the passengers saw was dust. Why people refuse to believe puzzles me. Dust is also a common dismissal for orbs, too.

  6. Hi Drew Yeah it's star dust. Get fucked with that bullshit. Yeah & 50 years ago it was called swamp gas. No it's a fucking UFO. Sorry had to vent 😂😂😂 Fantastic news about R.Grace been safe from the fires. I said a pray of thanks when I watched that She's OK video. Stay Spooky 👽👽👽 & Ciao.

  7. 👽🤖👾🛰️☄️🚀🖖 I just saw this same Ireland airplane pilots talking about Extraterrestrial Alien UFOs on SecureTeam10, but does anyone have the actual Extraterrestrial Alien UFOs flying over Ireland? TY Drew awesome UFO news! Keep more UFOs, Extraterrestrial Aliens, the Supernatural & the Paranormal coming! If you ever decide to do Live chats, please consider me as one of your Mods🔧Wrenched Moderator, Thank You Drew, GOD Bless & have a nice day and remember to keep your eyes to the skies!

  8. Definitely a trickle 💦💦 & what upsets me the most is how they flat out try to make people look like they have no clue even when they have many!!!! If I were a pilot & had experience in recognizing aircraft & some pompous arrogant stuck up scientist had the nerve to dismiss what I saw as…"SPACE DUST", I'm sorry but I'd take offence to that & wonder about their OWN sanity!!! That is really upsetting…before it was swamp gas, planets & now space dust!!!!! I am NO scientist but COMMON SENSE tells me that space dust cannot "fly" together & then "veer off at tremendous speed, Mach 2"!!! Sounds like a "formation" of some sort of "craft" & NO dust flies in formation, that I'm aware off anyways!!!! It's ALMOST hilarious to a point at how stupid they think people really are, especially people that are professionals & experts at what they do!!! ✌💗🌹

  9. I was a believer turned skeptic turned believer. took a long time to learn to accurately discern whats truth from propaganda, rather than being one of those people that just 'believes in science' or 'believes in god ' or 'believes in anything '.

  10. NO ONE SEEMS TO WANT TO FOLLOW IT UP!?! TUCKER IS A JOKE AND A HALF… Useless lying sack of dog shit… We have plenty of people following it up, they just continue to call them Conspiracy Theorists and Crazies because they don't want to risk their high paying Liar Seats on the Bull Shit Stream Media after they have knocked the Real Reporting shows off the air for this sort of thing. Now we the believers, deemed crazy, EVEN THOUGH THOUSANDS OF ANCIENT DOCUMENTS FROM RELIGIOUS SCRIPTURES TO HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS, report these very things… BUT WE'RE THE CRAZY ONES FOR READING THESE THINGS LIKE SCHOLARS DO AND THEN SEEING THE SAME THINGS THE ANCIENT TEXTS TALK ABOUT… Hey Tucker, why don't you try putting your damn phone down for once and stop being ignorant to the truth, also stop saying what your boss wants you to say and speak the damn truth for once. Of all the Faux News crew members they had to give it to the one who could find his own ass with a compass and a map. At least it happened long after that half wit Bill O'reily was gone. And if Tucker wanted a follow up, WHY DOESN'T HE DO IT INSTEAD OF WAITING FOR IT…. Oh wait that's right he still chases the crisis actors reports instead of the conflicting witness reports that always surface during a tragedy… In other words he still believes there were plane crashes in Pennsylvania and DC on 9/11 even though the witnesses and security footage says otherwise.

  11. My 11 year old daughter seen them too, she came in that night sobbing saying she was so scared of what she seen. Im in dublin ireland

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