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  1. @1965guitarboy If they can find one planet with life on it that means that there are probably millions out there. Some most likely more intelligent then us. Which means there just might be little green men coming here in flying saucers. Where is the connection? That is the connection.

  2. aliens are real, they are demons like ghost type thing, they are extra dimensional beings. when they manifest in our dimension thats how they look like the greys

  3. Wow you are full of hate. Just believe and be happy you know the truth! I hope tomorrow brings more happiness!

  4. Well people are willing to believe in a God, that no one has ever seen or heard and of which there is no physical proof. at least we get occasional glimpses of possible UFO's

  5. I believe in life elsewhere in the universe, even in our own galaxy, but I have yet to believe that something wierd in the sky is an alien spacecraft. It's too much of a leap without any definitive proof.

  6. UFOs have nothing to do with aliens. It simply means something is seen in the sky flying that cannot be identified. It could be a number of things other than an alien spacecraft.

  7. looks like a clay pigeon being flung across the scene! (except the fact its traveling different directions and angles) not saying its fake. just saying it seems to be within 50 – 60 ft from the camera, and less than 30 ft off the ground! but definetly does NOT look phto shopped in, in anyway!

  8. The truth…..you can't handle the truth says the rich and powerful elite of this twisted rock we live on. So to all the sheeple of the world bhaaaaa…

  9. if you look closely at the top of the image at about the 1 o'clock position there seems to be another object just on the lower edge of a portion of the clouds..

  10. perhaps they have a vested interest in coming here, in many cultures around the world that apparently had no connection or knowledge of each other all claim to legends that speak of mankind's origin as having come from the stars.

    Eye's that are wide open see nothing if the mind is closed.

  11. You guys know what, I think all this UFO is manmade, that it actually have anti-gravity, invisible and more technologies that is found from pyramid and all the ancient side. And this thing couldn't land after take off, because of anti gravity, and they just simply can not control the speed. Nothing can penetrate in and out from our magnetic field, as Apollo is all lie that you see why the Russian space station can not build on moon instead hanging mid space within the magnetic field…….

  12. My husband & I lived on a sailboat for many years. Standing on the Atlantic side of a small Island out in the Bahamas in 1985 talking to some tourist a small boy in the group said "What is that?" We all turned towards the Ocean to see, VeryVery clearly a huge, lighted, totally silent cigar shaped object hovering quietly above the horizon. This object was at least 400 ft long with a strange glow & circled with what might be 'windows' of pulsing colored lights. It then vanished at an amazing speed

  13. Follow along: Tesla made electrostatic waves to make air light up with 90% black light included. We see a ship surround in black light. Its a Tesla ship.

  14. Holy sh.t a friggh'in Bee! I give in to the system now!
    Fring'in- I'm done…
    This Message Brought to you by Fear! Fear! It's the new Crack!

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