Breaking News! UFO Sightings Alien Cryptid Visits Major Public Event! Aug 2014

Alien Cryptid Makes A Surprise Visit To Contact In The Desert While Erich von Däniken & Giorgio A. Tsoukalos along with George Noory Speak at a Symposium! Is This An Alien Behind Erich von Däniken? Dr. J Andy Ilias was on location at the Joshua Tree Sharing His Report to Thirdphaseofmoon! Erich von Däniken Interview Click Here!

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45 Comments on “Breaking News! UFO Sightings Alien Cryptid Visits Major Public Event! Aug 2014”

  1. well if people buy better video cameras with HD/HQ then we could solve "misteryes" like this one

  2. I feel so sorry for the people who believe a alien is behind Von Daniken,it means our young people will believe in Anything,by the way that alien came over and we drank some beers in his spacecraft,I am not lieing,he took me to Mars to see the face,Really!

  3. Other than the Alien being in the background, what about the guy in the center of the table with a bright reddish/yellow, glow coming from the center of his head? He's NOT wearing glasses of any kind!!!

  4. after reading a few reports lastnight on ufo stalker where a ufo investigor was investigating at someones home who reported a lot of activity when they were outside and he looks over and thinks he sees another investigator but he notices it not him but a small gey. a minute later its inches from his face. they could be all around us and we wouldnt know it because they use the strata.

  5. it looks exactly like other pics. of these freaking reptilians iv seen on the internet. these things are freaking evil and they hate humans. if any one reads this blog get this book called "voices from the cosmos" if your as interested as i am in this stuff, then go get it right this sec. it changed the way i look at things, but in a way where i already wondered about what and who we are. they use the strata to move around.

  6. Yeah I don't know. It looks like someone is kneeling down on there knees below the "being" behind Erich von danikken i think it's just a pixel relic. You would think that if an alien was behind the author of "chariots of the gods" that people would see it. Just my thought. Doesn't mean anything. Just saying.

  7. salve a tutti , su questo video direi una cosa se fermate il punto migliore dove si vede il presunto rettiliano o alien  e studiate attentamente la foto vedrete un uomo con i capelli bianchi e una cuffia in testa rivolto di fianco a sinistra , si vede bene il profilo e il microfono che gli copre la bocca e se guardate bene quello che sembrerebbe l'occhio destro del rettiliano o alien non è altro che la cuffia che appogia sul suo orecchio sinistro. ha i capelli bianchi e probabilmente una camicia bianca e una giacca scura . vorrei dire che a colpo d'occhio sembra un alieno ma guardando attentamente si vede un uomo dello staff che cammina o sosta dietro il palco

  8. They all look like aliens, it is a really bad picture. It is funny how they start talking about aliens and suddenly he is talking about politics.

  9. We can't even see clear the face of Erich von Däniken at such resolution, How can anyone see an alien behind him? The footage only serves the "government's" intentions in hiding the "truth"… it spreads disbelief. Remember that the best place to hide an elephant is mix him with others…

  10. I thought this was cleared up a long time ago? wasn't it found out that it was only a prop? cause it WAS about ufos and 👽 aliens. lol.

  11. It is obvious to a naked eye – this is fabricated. I mean COMMON – Von Daniken? Isn't tha too much of a coincident? Ha hahahahaha…. but nice try!

  12. The guy in the blue shirt barely looks human in this picture, so whats to say the thing being called an alien isnt an every day thing subject to the same poor imaging quality of the guy in the blue shirt? Its all to easy to miss identify out of focus blobs and shapes. And yeah the whole time while this saw going on no one said "hey dose anyone else see the fucking alien over there in full viue?"

  13. blurry picture–hahahahhahahaa well advance photo technicality out there and this picture is just poor, shallow.

  14. Une fois de plus, la qualité de la photo est très mauvaise. Y en a marre !!! Comment c'est possible en 2014, de pas avoir pu faire une meilleure prise de vue ? Pour pas qu'on voie que c'est une poupée en caoutchouc ou plastique du genre de celles qu'on peut acheter dans les boutiques pour touristes de Roswell ?

  15. 1st off ….theyre faces are all distorted as if theyre shapeshifting tech was on the blink as usual lol

  16. allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll fake
    km hrvtftbvtbbgb

  17. i see a lot of distortion in this photo one face (the third man seated at the table ) appears very light in color in his face ,as if it has been painted . the man next to him in the line up has a bright orange spark or maybe a sun reflection right in front of his face and it almost hides his face it's so bright..

  18. There is no such thing as UFO'S .. the reason why the evil ones have been doing this for years it's all about deception ..

  19. The 2 guys in front look more scary then the alien lol then u got that guy with red eyes I freaked at him lmao

  20. Some years ago I saw an extended video clip of this conference. Why not find the original and look at the footage? Who did the video clip? Who captured the still? More questions than answers. Sorry, this is rather confusing.

  21. I see 2 possible alien images behind Mr. Von Daniken. The may be props. To me, they look like The Gray's. 1 is behind Mr. Von Daniken & 1 is hiding in the woods.

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