Breaking News! UFO Sightings Alien Outpost Spotted On Dwarf Planet? 2015

Could This Be An Alien Outpost Spotted By Nasa? This image of Ceres, taken by NASA’s Dawn probe on Feb. 19, 2015, from a distance of about 29,000 miles (46,000 kilometers), shows two mysterious bright spots on the dwarf planet’s surface.
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20 Comments on “Breaking News! UFO Sightings Alien Outpost Spotted On Dwarf Planet? 2015”

  1. oooh shit NASA for got too turn the lights off in there fucking space toilet again for fuck sakes…

  2. They're miners from an other star system working in Ceres planet
    They them selves topd sam other crew members of an Andromedan space ship working here on planer earth monitoring the volcanos and magma pressure of uor planet

  3. we see more dots on each point now ….and next is UFO's sight roaming over the site with flying shadows tough to be clearly identified.  Wait for more

  4. I was wondering how long it would take you flying saucer douches to get around to Ceres.   What took you so long?

  5. There has infallible systems making there way into regions where former intelligence will no longer exists.

  6. nerds getting a hold of a you tube channel and space pictures, let them speculate ridiculous hypothesis.

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