Breaking News UFO Sightings Helicopters Surround UFO Shocking Footage Watch Now! Aug 19 , 2012

Breaking News UFO Sightings Helicopters Surround and Observe UFO in Broad Daylight, Shocking Footage Watch Now! Aug 19 , 2012 Enhanced footage and Closeups of What Appears to be A Saucer Like Object Hovering in Mid Air! Captured off the slopes of the Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii. If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype!


21 Comments on “Breaking News UFO Sightings Helicopters Surround UFO Shocking Footage Watch Now! Aug 19 , 2012”

  1. yeah, they know how to make a video LOOK pretty authentic but they dont know how to be smart about conjouring it's story. the movement of the objects relative to the camera movement makes it look fake too.

    fuck you, thirdphaseof*shit*

  2. O.K. Like WOW OMG this is some of the best UFO footage i've seen in a long time. It's broad daylight, albeit not the best focus and it's from a moving car but still. You can clearly see the two helicopters and the stationary object just there in the center. (obviously NOT another helicopter) weather it's extraterrestrial or not it's DEFINITELY NOT conventional aicraft and that in of itself is pretty AMAZING. Too bad there isn't more detail or a still shot of it from closer up.

  3. It can't be a balloon, it's stationary. A balloon would move with the wind or would float away if filled with helium or hydrogen. If it was just filled with air it wouldn't float like that. it's a solid rigid object. Some kind of aircraft or possible space-worthy craft.

  4. Why are the cars not stopping to observe the object? i would.
    They are not stopping because there is no object!
    Fake fake fake and a poor one at that

  5. Third phase of moon is a disappointment to the ufo followers there disinformation agents posting dumbass videos oh hey look to helicopters circling a ball floating around oh hey I'm just going to continue driving down the road like nothing is happening and I have a camera that records but hey still I'm just gonna keep on driving lol

  6. I have an amazing video to share I just don't know how to share it or where to share it what's recorded recently it's the real deal

  7. It is NATO experimental with a nuclear reactor on a board. They try to mimic alien technology. They levitate the object with a magnetic field. the frequency is a secret and a problem.

  8. why didn't the dip shit driving the car pull over if this is real ? third phase of the moon will put up any aul shite !

  9. I viewed this by accident as I don't watch anything from this channel anymore. It's too fake, even the actors can't act.

  10. hi I uploaded a video of what could be a UFO I filmed on a flight to Turkey please check it out and leave a comment thanks

  11. Look, if any of this is true, which obviously it is not, then the rest of the World can only hope they will get rid of America and its people. You obsess so much in America about mythical Aliens and think you are some kind of special place, lol.

    Anything that exists out their in space would only be interested in what you taste like America. As you are the Worlds biggest arse hole nation, if any of these supposed Alien sightings are true, then you are their steak and chips, it is that simple.

    Be careful what you wish for America.

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