Breaking News!! UFO Sightings Massive Alien Ship Visits ISS Caught On Video!

Massive Alien Ship Visits ISS Caught On Video! Astonishing Footage and Incredible Detail!

Original Link To Nasa Footage

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25 Comments on “Breaking News!! UFO Sightings Massive Alien Ship Visits ISS Caught On Video!”

  1. It is very obviously a double image, a (reflected) image of the side of the space station. Check the first part before the ISS goes out of frame and you will see it matches perfectly. This is why I uns'bed TPOM – because you don't vet your videos properly. Will sub again should you ever improve :-/

  2. I saw a similar long object  around 2009 .i was using a  115mm telescope observing the nearly full moon in September when a long black silhouette,( of which I would describe the outline as a "space cruiser)",crossed between earth and the moon. after I realized what I had observed the hair on the back of my neck stood up. i'll never forget it. A few years later  while reading about the Mercury space program one of the  early astronauts had also taken a photo of this same type of long craft!

  3. Were not alone and have not been for a vary long time lol. Well just look up u.s owned cigar shaped UFO rengeneered space crafts you will be surprised what you read and all factual

  4. Could the structure be the probe they will send to earth, and we think its a UFO. When its really a probe.

  5. I from brasil , i bilieve . Avistei um objeto muito parecido com este , em pleno dia . Por volta de 12:15 . O ceu estava totalmente azul , sem nuvens. O objeto estava parado , a grande altitude , e ficava alternando em estar visível e invisível por 5 veses .. o local do avistamento foi e paulinia S-P , brasil .

  6. Why are the comments this poisonous? It is everyone's own free will to believe what they will about any piece of information. Attacking people like this? It's such a strong reaction to a piece of internet information.. Do you attack all kinds of information like this? Must be a hard way of life methinks..

  7. woahhh honestly if you turn too its side that one hell of a huge fucken pipe too smoke ur weed i say… daaammm NASA having a mean as hell session up in space why they seen UFOs cos thats one giant smoking pipe all right… good on yeah NASA lease ur smoking good shit in space why yous are soooo space out!!!

  8. Thats lenz flare you bozos!!! Think you know that already! The same structure as the crane thing with the dish and canada logo. Why upload this phony stuff when there are a lot of REAL footage that watching it don't waste your time! Have you guys shortage of materials please not even then upload this idiotic moronic videos.

  9. I hope you know that the stations also are moving in a great speed and there are more satellites and junk up there.. And the sun are reflecting light on al of those things .. So if you see something it is a chance that it is us… I do belive, but not in these guys..

  10. wasting my time just to write it's a lens reflexion of the ISS's Canadian arm.

    analyse your vids correctly before uploading them Blake !

  11. Hmmm strange just before it zooms in the same shape as the object is on the iss .hmm dont think it is a ufo blake its a reflection..yes yes yes

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