Breaking News! UFO Sightings Massive Flying Saucer Today Watch Now! Dec 3 2013

Breaking News UFO Sightings Massive Flying Saucer Over LA? December 3 2013 Watch Now! Just into Thirdphaseofmoon Via Phone Call with Private Investigator Joe Rodriguez While On Stake Out Captures Unusual Lights In the Sky! Watch Full Un-cut Raw Video Check Joe Rodriguez Link!

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28 Comments on “Breaking News! UFO Sightings Massive Flying Saucer Today Watch Now! Dec 3 2013”

  1. When ever I see THIRD FAKE OF MOON I know its the worst of the worst with Blake the FAKE Cousins. I believe they are part of the campaign to discredit the disclosure project ETC.

  2. "I saw this light in the sky so I thought Id jump up and down on a trampoline with a Hula Hoop round my waist while fiddling with the focus on my camera "

  3.  Repent people. The King (Yeshua of Nazareth) is coming so soon. And many will be lost. Sudden destruction is coming. Judgement has come to America. Time is about up. Jesus Christ and acceptance of His free gift of salvation is the only way to escape what is coming VERY SHORTLY! SEEK JESUS while He may still be found. Repentance to escape.

  4. just looks like an RC Quad Copter with tape lighting stuck on it?, i do believe in ofo but that looks to fake to me.

  5. They Call Him A Gum Shoe! Private Investigator Joe Rodriguez Captures A UFO! Thirdphaseofmoon Interview Watch Now!

  6. The first one is a DJI Phantom drone (rc quadcopter) people use them I record at high altitudes. Look it up! You can tell by the red and green lights.

  7. All you people saying it's fake are probably government workers trying to Hyde the truth. Fuck all yall what your told.

  8. Just an Air Force C-17 making the final approach with its landing gear and wing lights on….nothing to see here…

  9. This is usually remotely controlled ufo constructed by people, those guys who build all those planes and helicopters small ones,for fun. I saw that in my town in EU in slovakia recently, its a maquette a model, just constructed by a student of electrotechnics or machinery engineering…. 😉 dont let them fool you lol

  10. private investigator my ass.. "stuff like that?" lol what investigator says I take pictures of ppl and stuff like that lol..

  11. Oh please. I got that from an uncle for Christmas. It's one of the drones you can attach any old TV series section, mine is from Operation UFO, it actually has lights rotating around the rim that will 'appear' to spin faster the faster you move. It got pulled from the market when I was still a kid in Europe because idiots were using it to screw with pilots taking off and landing. How "da duped" can people still be.

    By the way, the first clip is just that of an airliner coming in to land, landing lights bright, facing into the sun, I fly a lot and watch planes coming and going, they really should never have airstrips heading into rising or setting sun. If you watch the birds, you can see them flying backwards, the film is reset going ahead and back making it appear 'stationary' long time. Watch the birds and movement elsewhere including flags or trees reversing which way they wind affects them.

    America 'getting tough on Russia' over Ukraine or anything, PULEASE, while Yanks can't even launch men into orbit without Russia. America Number One my ass.

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