Breaking News! UFO Sightings On Major Airliner Multiple Eyewitness! RAW and Enhanced April 2014

Breaking News! UFO Sighting On Major Airliner Multiple Eyewitness! RAW and Enhanced April 2014

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30 Comments on “Breaking News! UFO Sightings On Major Airliner Multiple Eyewitness! RAW and Enhanced April 2014”

  1. Whatever the hell that was, it looked like there was more than one of them. Cool!

  2. reflection on a window… I can see also the camera on the right and it;s the same… pls delete.

  3. Whats going on with you idiots and all the its this or that theories like its reflection of the river lol ok. You can CLEARLY SEE what it is if youd pay attention to the reflection its in the guys hand light off the side of his cell phone this is an intentionally hoaxed video. Just watch the reflection morons especially his fingers.

  4. remove my comment huh third phase!!?? what, because its right!? its obviously the river reflecting the light from guess what….. thats right the sun.

  5. Sorry but this one can and will be debunked instantly as is really just looks like reflections

  6. Not too sure about the UFO footage but the music video was great!! Gotta have a sence of humor sometimes cuz some ppl get too pissed off with some of the things TPOM posts!! Lighten up ppl…don't take things so serious all the time!! I get upset at times & def think some of Blake's intro's are cheesy but not so bad that I'll unsub from this channel. You never kno one day they just might have the "smoking gun" they've been waiting for!! Until then I'll keep my eyes on the sky!! 🙂

  7. I find it comical when people say UFOs don't exist when they don't understand the actual meaning to the acronym Unidentified Flying Objects anything you cannot identify that is flying in the sky is a UFO dumbasses! therefore UFOs unequivocally exist however whether they be interdimensional or extraterrestrial is a completely different debate unfortunately religion and disinformation has people so wrapped up in their own selfish unconscious mind they truly believe that they are the only intelligent species in the universe the human race has just begun its exploration into the cosmos in the past 40 years we've discovered thousands exoplanet when before we were only aware of our solar system so before your handy dandy moral guid you call the bible does your thinking for you why don't you put it down and actually learn some true facts.

  8. It is the light reflecting off of the river, as the aircraft moves. It is very common.

  9. Anyone who sends in videos to these lying goons is in for a shock…. your own credibility will take a huge hit as these assholes make fake video after fake video.  They are the most perfect example yet of the trash that america has become.  How sad.  

  10. Its can a far away object go over grass that is mean,t to be in front ?

  11. I love it when new people see ufo's and especially from a plane's window. 

  12. as unconvincing as every other alleged ufo video or image ever seen… you would think that of the tens of thousands of images, at least one would be steady , clear and in focus

  13. I've seen that type of UFO before, it's called a BACK GROUND  REFLECTION off the window of the jet plane. A very common type of UFO. The other types of UFOs like this one are the REFLECTION off of water or even the house window UFO. Keep up the good work. One day you will see a vehicle from another world if you keep looking towards the sky. And when you do see a visitor, your whole life will really change.

  14. Dianna Skare not Gene… After listening to the background noise and watching the way the video maybe they are for real .Folks are seeing much more then this all over the planet !
     I stopped watching Fox and CNN news Completely about 3 years ago and started watching news around the world . I could NOT believe how LITTLE we are told through our news …sadly in some respects even local because they started following Only there sponsered channels , goodness can you imagine ?
     I just found an article about these sightings from the April 7th 1952 Time magazine (has Marilyn Monroe on the cover…one of many I guess) in the right hand top corner is an article titled The Case For UFO……. a year long study was done by the magazine and there are Civilians to Generals (and later to be Senators) DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS of Their sightings so please consider researching before you fully decide.
    Thanks for reading –

  15. I'm sorry to inform you but its the reflecting off a wave that barreling nothing sinister plus its on third phase of bullshit it said it was some news channel not Blake and his twin brothers crap

  16. To me it looks like a helicopter with a search light. The more exotic bursts of light look like a multitude of reflections likely coming from aqueous surfaces.

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