Breaking News UFO Sightings Over Myrtle Beach Investigation & Video Analysis 2013

Incredible UFO Evidence Via Multiple Video Angles of Unusual Lights Over SC Myrtle Beach! Video Provided to Thirdpahseofmoon via Kent Cady Joe Kiernan and Anthony Burke The South Carolina Research Group! To watch more of Joe Kiernans Videos Click Link! If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype or Facebook!


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  1. I stayed 2 nights in Myrtle beach last year. While looking out at night on the balcony. I saw some orange balls of light dropping slowly down in the sky. Over the ocean. I didn't hear anything but figured that they where just flares from the navy or something. But some of the lights were moving and standing still.

  2. At 3:00 the lights do something different than what I normally see. That's pretty cool.

  3. That's so true we went with our friends on July 4 2013 n we saw one right straight at night sky were ppl were shooting fireworks on July 4

  4. How are they aircraft flare? don't flares have to be shot out of the plane and wouldn't you see smoke? plus, why would an aircraft be shooting flares out over a beach with hundreds of people and family walking around? that makes no sense

  5. Omg! We saw this very same thing tonight from our balcony near Ocean Annie's on Shore Drive! It is really really wild!

  6. So I've seen something like this the past 2 times I've been down in Myrtle Beach. Including tonight! The last time I saw it, there were 3 orangeish lights. They were in a straight line and then the middle one came forward somewhat and they made a triangle shape. Before I was able to get my phone and record, they were gone. Disappeared in right before my eyes. Then tonight I saw one the split into a cluster of them and they disappeared like the others! Now I'm more in murrels

  7. We were at Pier 14 this past Wednesday. ..what looked like a hot air balloon. flames..swaying back and forth..way too fast to be that..then when straight up into the sky…can you tell me what we saw? They did do fire works earlier at the pier north of us…

  8. i live in murrells inlet and almost everynight after 1a.m you can see this and possible "drones" flying over a small beach considered the "point" near the jetties

  9. what looked like a small low lying plane stopped in front of a group including myself rotated from horizontal to verticle whilst hovering then changing the lights & blinking pattern weaving in and out of houses then went skyward in a vertical notion

  10. I  live in Myrtle Beach and my coworker and I saw these exact same orange lights coming off of the ocean on Thanksgiving night. Wondering if anybody else in our area got any video from that night. Apparently the orange lights are very common around here but they have yet to be explained.

  11. U guys need to come out on a boat…I don't believe in UFO…but I saw something to make me question it….

  12. Just saw the exact same thing in north myrtle from the balcony of sands ocean club the weirdest thing I've ever seen

  13. I experienced the same activity.  Family vacation to Litchfield, June 2014.  I was only there for a week…I saw orange orbs in the sky for 4 nights of my stay. Starting seeing lights approximately 9:00pm-midnight.  I have cell phone footage that is not as good as the quality of this video.  Many other people on the beach saw the same things; approached me and were asking questions on what I just saw.  I hope you guys can come up with a logic explanation for what we are all seeing in the sky.

  14. Atalayn towers straight out over the water is when we saw them, and there not flares. Flares do not move at insane speeds like these lights did. And you would see a flare go up. These showed up out of nowhere and vanished and then showed up in a different spot seconds later. I just witnessed these and i have no doubt in my mind that these are UFO.

  15. i live 2 hours away from myrtle beach sc in sumter sc.. i saw these same lights a couple weeks ago on my way home one night.. i also have a friend  that lives a few miles away from me.. saw these same lights the same night i saw them go right over his house….. i might add that it was not my first ufo sighting..   i have seen a very large craft over my house a few years ago… the craft was triangular shaped with long sides.. made no noise.. only had lights on the back end of it as i watched  it move away.  not very fast moving..   few minutes later fighter jet activity in my area.. because there is an air force base in my county..  then on the news that night the news caster said if anyone has seen strange lights in the sky. they were solar flares…. ummm yeah solar flares  that are bigger that three football fields dark in color.. no i dont think so sir….

  16. Anytime these "ufos" have flashing red or green lights means they r manmade because why would a alien spacecraft have FAA mandated navigation lights?

  17. South Myrtle beach at resort May 7, 2014 9:45pm. I saw 2 orange orbs out over ocean. Closer up I also saw three white lights blinking at a 60 degree angle with the one on the bottom disappearing and one appearing on the top 123, 234,345 watched it approx. 5sec. disappeared, reappeared 5sec. than gone, these were stationary With binoculars I could see  behind it, 5 star like objects moving in random pattern. This was witnessed by 3 other people.

  18. Just saw this orange ufo in the sky while on springmaid pier at Myrtle Beach. We were staying at the resort there and around 10 pm our last night it appeared a few times, disappearing and reappearing. There were no flashing lights just a orange solid circle.

  19. I am an owner at The Oceans in Cherry Grove. There was 7 of us that seen it 2 nights ago Oct 10, 2014. There were 7 big yellowish lights in a row like what was in the video each one lit up one at a time. then about 15 mins later they reappeared in a different formation. At this time they were about 500 yards apart. When they went out it was like they would slowly disappear. There was no noise and no movement they were stationary. It was wild this has been the second time I have seen this. 

  20. these orbs have indeed appeared along the eastern coast-my wife and i and scores of folks witnessed the orbs along with what appeared a row of rectangular colored lights moving close to the myrtle beach shore then blinking off and then appearing out to see. orbs have been spotted of course in various us areas for years. thousands witnessed the phoenix orbs and ww11 pilots in the 40s witnessed  orbs during battle overseas as well. No one has yet to come up with a logical explanation of this on going phenom or to put it in the best terminology ufos. some say they are part of military exercises, however the orbs we witnessed were silent and had no mechanisms attached- its as if they moved unto themselves with quiet speed in any direction. When i saw them i immediately felt that this was something that was not familiar and was very real and ominous. If you ever see them you will become a believer in ufos and i hope we can someday find out more. Do i believe they are from a different planet? Until someone discloses technology to prove this is man made i believe they are from out of this world.

  21. The first set of lights aren't extraterrestrial or even flying. They are the kind of lights that are strung from a cruise ship or some other type of ship or boat down to the deck area. The background sound almost sounds like a paddlewheel hitting the water. It's probably one of the paddlewheeler's that have nighttime dinner cruises in the Myrtle Beach area. The second lights shown could be a chandelier inside the paddlewheeler. The last scene looked like plane lights. When a plane is flying toward you and doesn't change it's altitude it can look like something is hovering. I saw the Discovery channel show on these lights and other lights in the area. There was nothing I saw then and now that convinces me that these are nothing unusual and don't have a simple explanation.

  22. Three of us saw the craft and lights and videoed it.  It even shined a bright light at us!  It was unbelievable!

  23. not ufos its jus military government I've seen these lights and watched one for hours 4am-5 am and then watch it come thru 630am to the airport as I was out side all night cuz I stayed for 16years on the beach

  24. I'm at the Sea Most resort. I seen two glowing orange orbs that seemed to be changing shape. They were only there for about a minute or so. Shortly after there was a bright white orb that was several miles up. It came from somewhere over the ocean. I didn't notice any blinking lights but thought it still may have been a plane. it seemed to periodically change directions very rapidly. It finally came to a stop and hovered in one position for several hours. I gave up looking at it until I went to bed. Originally when it came to a stop it seemed to be moving slightly to the left and right. My wife and daughter seen the original two orange orbs but after they disappeared continued to search for sea shells. I then got the attention of my daughter and my other daughter to look at the white pen to see if they were seeing the same thing that I was. Moments later a V-Shaped object caught our eyes at the same time. It had 5-6 to low dim orangish red lights underneath. It had no sound but flew very stealthy until it disappeared over nearby hotels further down the beach. It looked straight up like something from a sci-fi movie.

  25. All of this happened last night. 29MAR2016 from around 9 p.m. until after 1 a.m. when I went to bed.

  26. contact me about sc ufo i have something to submit. how do i contact you?

  27. Me and my bf where headed towards west minster and it was about around like 10pm at night me and him both saw a weird green bright round loght disappearing vertically into the sky and i looked at him and he looked me we had to literally stop just to ask each other did u see what i saw ?and ive never saw it again i do get weird lights in my back yard there a lot of tree and i swear id seen like a red light and a white light together something silver almost like a saucer gliding behind the trees sometimes it happens every now and was gliding and quiet so it couldnt have been no air plane and it diffidently wasnt a satilight dish thingy either id like answers as well

  28. I know this is old but I and lots of ppl I have been with have seen these lights many times in the summer. I do alot of shark fishing and late night shark fishing and just hanging out on the beach at night with ppl. So I have seen them alot. There a few miles out in the ocean and my opinion goes around about wtf they are. I started to think they were military flares but I have seen them do some things that are definitely not flares. I seen them one night and they were lit up and stationary in the same spot for a good hour. No flare is gonna burn for a hour lol. My mother inlaw and I were watching them from the garden city peir one night and saw one shoot strait up in the air and then all of asuden the other ones just disappeared one after the other in a line. Lol that was what made my flare opinion seem very unlikely. My wife who is kinda sceptical on ufo type things also seen this happen and said "ok that was definitely not a military flare or anything man made" lol. I dont know what they are but its one of thw craziest things I have ever seen for sure.

  29. know one will believe me but when i was younger i did see a ufo and it was shaped like a Ferris wheel and it had like red lights and it was black

  30. I saw UFO few times at this place. They fly almost every night after 12 am. I try to record but my high definition camera can't focusing. I think maybe better use old style camera.

  31. the cameras are all moving,its a zeplin in the sky at night,common a space ship? you really believe that? maybe it's Roger there is no such thing as aliens or UFO's…

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