Breaking News! UFO Sightings President Bill Clinton & Hillary Investigate UFOs! Washington DC 2013!

Breaking News! Did President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton Investigate The UFO Phenomenon? Incredible Insight Watch Entire Hearing visit Permission granted to Thirdphaseofmoon from the Executive Producer Citizen Hearing Stephen Bassett.
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The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race will attempt to accomplish what the Congress has failed to do for forty-five years – seek out the facts surrounding the most important issue of this or any other time. For this reason the motto for the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is “If the Congress won’t do its job, the people will.

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40 Comments on “Breaking News! UFO Sightings President Bill Clinton & Hillary Investigate UFOs! Washington DC 2013!”

  1. Testimony is not evidence– extraordinary claims demand actual, tangible evidence. UFO testimonies are as credible as those who claim to see Bigfoot, Fairies or Gnomes– which is to say not at all.

  2. why is it so hard for people to not believe how much proof do you need,these folks who are testifying are top specialists in there jobs ,I feel sorry for folks like you how can we ever goforward if no one wants to believe anything,is our world nice at the moment with all these wars death everywhere well the folks who control that control the et agenda please learn your true history me myself want a change and the technology in these craft will do that PEACE

  3. Some of us need actual,tangible evidence before we believe nonsense and make silly statements like ''….learn your true history me myself want a change and the technology in these craft will do that PEACE…'' what evidence is there that magical UFO technology will somehow change the world? — NONE. seriously,grow up.

  4. Your tangible evidence is everywhere but you choose willful ignorance but I will share this with you, Watch the documentary SIRIUS and then tell people about it. If that's not good for you, then watch football forget your children's future and go back to sleep. You have children? Why God why?

  5. whats really sad is that your asking the people of youtube to provide you with a link of these things, the fact that your here watching these video's only shows us that you really care about this subject, so if thats the case then why don't you go and do your own research and find your own links, instead of starting an argument about a subject you don't really believe in, or maybe you should listen to the testimony of these credible witnesses and not say a word until you get the proof you seek.

  6. Testimony is not scientific evidence. it is not empirical, and especially in this case, credible. I don't need to present any evidence, as I am not making a positive claim regarding the existence of UFOs, Fairies or Bigfoot– the burden of proof is on the one making the claim.

  7. Correct.. you are just saying that none of this is fact without presenting us with proof that it isn't … you want us to prove to you that this is real to satisfy yourself, then i say to you, prove to us that it doesn't exist, because i usually don't waste my time trying to convince someone with a closed mind, if you think we are crazy for having this belief, then go elsewhere and argue with someone who gives a shit what you think, cause i sure don't.

  8. I don't have to prove anything–I make no claims. I only have to judge the merit of the evidence presented. my mind is not closed , I simply find the ''evidence '' lacking (non-existent,actually) and yes, if you believe this UFO nonsense with zero tangible evidence, you are crazy.

  9. I need not prove anything to anyone but myself, all i know is what i have seen in my years of looking up into the skies, i never claimed to say or prove that what i saw was alien, but at least i know that theres UFOs out there, whether ours or alien, doesn't matter to me, i saw what i saw, and thats the only proof i need, as for you judging me or anyone, that your choice, you don't have to, unless your a debunker or get paid for your services to your government, after this i post no more.

  10. So the fact that actual pictures of ufo's over the white house seen by thousands and pictures all over the country was all a lie and made up. By military and civilians all over the world countless photos, And actual filming by NASA on shuttle missions are all fake and upon billions of planets in our solar system alone is all bullshit ? WellI think your not living in reality and you believe what ever the government tells you .

  11. Thought communication makes perfect sense. Thought communication is also observed in near death experiences. Reality really is stranger than science fiction.

  12. What if exactly theese UFOs have been developed in Area 51, MRs Clinton is a known Reptile!! And they want us to think that its aliens attacking, when the shit hitd the fan!? Its just that then Mrs Clinton, and Elizabeth, (The queen of england) will be safe parked under the little city of Oz- ark (Not Noahs ark, but Oz- ark.

  13. evry now and again when I try to click on alien videos or something similar the vidoes click off like someone is trying to stop me from seeing the videos, yet when I click on anything else it don't happen. does this happen to anyone else?

  14. Bull crap!!! They don't want us believing in Jesus…Hollywood, Bollywood, lies, lies, lies…to make us think the aliens have taken us and control the population…check out the LUCIFER telescope owned by the Vatican in Arizona…run by Jesuit astrologers…

  15. people are verry interesting,if i go alone with Lady Gaga in a cofey almost immediately media will post a story.But if i say that i have talking with ET's they will say:sry dude,what did you say about Lady Gaga?and most of the people will be interested about Lady Gaga.This is just sad

  16. LOL, Why do UFO researchers seek Congress ???  THEY ARE THE ENEMY !  THEY WILL KILL YOU ! If you want to be killed or your family threatened then yes, spill your guts out to these lying psychopaths… their laughing at your stupidity. Later they will come after you if they feel you have convincing evidence..  Dr.Roger Leir just died of a heart attack, get it ?  The US government is controlled by Israel who intern are the lapdogs of a Reptilian species. All of you that have spoken to Congress ie: Dr. Greer better watch your back….  Once they target you time is on their side…they can take you out years later. I do commend this UFO community for seeking the truth. Keep up the conventions and create a hub site for all findings regarding UFOs…   


  18. Why did you have to pay these EX-congress people 20K a piece to hold a MOCK congressional hearing? The media you complain about didn't cover it for that reason.

  19. The Disclosure Project was a bunch of asswipes trying to make a buck off the latest fad. Dr. Steven Greer who was pretty much the MC of the Disclosure Project would be happy to tell you his opinions for a measely $10,000 per hour – as long as you buy dinner for him too. Sorry, but that quest for profit destroys any credibility he might have had.

  20. Wow UFO researchers ,I did not know! are being given awards for research don't you think this is turning into a bit of a book and video selling farce, seems to be a set up business, in my reckonings, I'm beginning to believe this is a money making racket and we're being taken the piss out of. Anyone else think this?!

  21. At the rate the Govt moves, this could take forever for it to come out to the public, large enough to lend credibility with a bigger audience

  22. If those pieces of shit ARE investigating then don’t expect them to tell us anything..don’t be so naive people

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