Breaking Paranormal News: Space Octopus, UFO Sightings, and More. I Ben Miller Channel

We have some really strange stories to go over today with our new entry in Breaking Paranormal News. As you can tell by this title this one covers quite a varying array of topics. Although I am sure the space octopus probably already has you confused.

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22 Comments on “Breaking Paranormal News: Space Octopus, UFO Sightings, and More. I Ben Miller Channel”

  1. Mysterious World of Cryptids? 🤔🐾🐾👣👣 Awesome vid! Great info! 👍👍 Btw… i'm a HUGE fan of dogman clan❣😁🐾🐾

  2. Hey Ben how bout Cryptids Around The Globe. (Providing it’s still considered round of course 🙄) mind you I just saw my suggestion is very similar to the person below. And I’m sure many others. Maybe you can incorporate a few together to come up with one that your most comfortable with. Love your hard work and content

  3. Idk if anyone responded to this part but, I know exactly the severed head image you're talking about. It's not a fishman head, it's allegedly that of a reptilian (I remember coming across the pic quite a few times when I was a bit reptilian obsessed) idk about it being a photoshoped fish, I personally would say if faked it's probably a prop.

    This is the only thing I can find about it now this says something about it being a piece of art. Idk about all that but that's what it says.

  4. How about "Cryptid Cartography"? Since cartography is the study and science of maps, you could choose the area you wanted– so long as it's on a map, it could group mountain ranges across countries, or cover the shores surrounding a particular body of water, or follow a river through multiple countries or whatever– you wouldn't be discussing a single place with national borders, you'd be discussing an area on the world's own all-encompassing map. Also, and lastly? "Cryptid Cartography" sounds kind of cool. ^__^

  5. Hey the oricginal thinx4rrcc44fc7rc c ccxr48derbird photo was supposedly seen by Ivan T Sanderson and he said he lost it or it came up missing. Thrcfe other photoss3z photos rdx 88xd4 deer is edhave all been shown to be photo shopped. Also the photo yiu were talking about with the kid in the mouth of a head was actually a fish i have seen both photos. Thanks again for your videos they are really appreciated

  6. Ok as far as crypids are concerned I am not a believer but find it interesting. If you were serious about the than the solution to your dilemma is clear " Crypid by Range". Range being the term used to describe the area that an animal or species occupies. this at least would give a basis for identifying the terrain and ecology where these things are found. ( Gee all these experts in crypids and no one can tell me what ecology the dogman prefers as opposed to the next crypid.)

  7. The thunderbird photo you were looking for, I have seen it many times. Many other youtube videos have featured it numerous times. As for your question at the end, how about cryptids by continent and smaller land-masses??

  8. Call it what it is " Commonwealth of P.R. " I'm sure people will except this or United States Possessions ?

  9. @3:05 … Wait, are you implying it's a small percentage of scientists whom "entertain the idea" of alien life? How can one not?

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