Breaking UAP News, New Tasks set forth for the UAPTF #ufotwitter

Let’s take a look at the document and see what’s what. We can also take a wider look at everything from the preliminary report and memo afterwards. Call into the show and let us know what you think! This is spur of the moment but I should be starting by the listed time.

Here is the article from friend of show Danny Silva


2 Comments on “Breaking UAP News, New Tasks set forth for the UAPTF #ufotwitter”

  1. Sean, Just had the Chance to Read the Silva Record…Fascinating !! Looks Like the Govt is Getting Its Organizational Responsibilities Together on UAPs ..( Only Took 75 years )… Looks Like Quarterly intell reports will be submitted to the Armed Service Committees . (Multiple Committees) …. Those will Most Likely Not Be Open to the Public… Overall Good News.. Its Establishes A Command Structure & A Flow Chart Of Responsibilities.. This Is Good News.. Thanks for your Hard work….. BTW Did you Notice The UAP Task Force Has An Official Logo ?? WOW – Fancy Pants!!!

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