Breaking UFO News!!! 2019 (Fighter Pilot David Fravor Tells All. New Hampshire Chronicle)

informative Interview with David Fravor…Military Pilot who chased UFOs during the Nimitz Encounter…Fighter Plane UFO Footage Released by CIA of the “Tic Tac” UFO…Broadcast by New Hampshire Chronicle

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Tic Tac UFO Image
By JMK – Own work, using MS 3D for the unidentified craft,and using: File:2016 Airpower over Hampton Roads Langley Air Show Virginia F-18 (26537258211).jpg by C. Watts for the aircraftand: File:Wave open sea.jpg for the sky and water surface, CC BY-SA 4.0,


15 Comments on “Breaking UFO News!!! 2019 (Fighter Pilot David Fravor Tells All. New Hampshire Chronicle)”

  1. OK Guys…This may have aired back in 2018 but this is new news to some…This may have been a rebroadcast but was replayed on March 26th 20019. And most if not all of the people…Including myself…. that watched it up here had never seen it…I'll be posting some more of my person UFO footage soon ..If you haven't seen my first good UFO catch please check it out!

  2. Ariel School, 1994, how can you not believe? The thought transfer from the beings to some of the students, such as "the trees will burn and all the air will be gone and people will be dying",,is this a reference to what happened to Mars and what may happen to the Earth if we do not change? Just wondering…

  3. The US ran out of enemies to bomb after the cold war ended. After a failed war on drugs and then a war on terrorism, and then numerous attacks on much weaker defenceless countries, the public are now getting weary of the US resorting to bombing mainly villagers and goat farmers. Without a suitable target the US war machine will collapse. Recently these nonsense government sanctioned alien stories have been increasing along with NASA's bs search for ET, in order to trick the public into a new war. Soon we will be spending billions to create anti UFO weapons that we can shoot into space at imaginary enemies. What else is there for General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin going to do?

  4. The media are a joke.Totally controlled,won't report anything unless their given the nod from upstairs.I wouldn't spend a second wondering what their going to do.Good to see a vid.on your channel man,it's been a while.

  5. They are not “visiting.”
    They live here, too.
    we share this planet with several different highly advanced civilizations.
    imagine the uncontacted tribes in the brazillian rainforest who have no idea WE exist.

    they know nothing of our world and our technology.
    we're in the same situation.
    there are several highly advanced species that we know nothing about. they live in our oceans and deep earth caverns.
    they moved underground and into the oceans to avoid the cataclysms that impacted the planet many years ago.
    they pilot the vehicles we have been seeing in our skies and oceans for thousands of years.

  6. Any! I'm in New Hampshire, I see weird shit all the time in the sky 😂 Atleast I'm not the only one

  7. we all know the news media is controlled they only let you see what they want you to see take the news they never report the who truth its really cencard regards u.f.o's they can't say fake any more cameras on mobiles the internet you have the birth of Starforce then you have Starlink SATA lights by Elon musk now you have Russia weaponising space we all know there have been weapons in space since the cold war. do i believe that the tictac is a ufo yeah but not alien i believe that it is part of a DARPA project /black budget op

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