Breaking UFO NEWS! Russian Proton Rocket Taken OUT BY UFO! PROOF Evidence Watch NOW!

Breaking UFO NEWS! Russian Proton Rocket Taken OUT BY UFO! PROOF Evidence Watch NOW! Enhanced Video! Share this Video To The WORLD!

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44 Comments on “Breaking UFO NEWS! Russian Proton Rocket Taken OUT BY UFO! PROOF Evidence Watch NOW!”

  1. Yeah, I don't know what to make of this. I showed this to a lot of my friends, and they can't believe it

  2. at 0:32 You can plainly see what ever that object was…go past the rocket…
    it was probably just a star off in the background during recording…
    Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that I haven't heard other stories such as this that are much more credible…I am just saying not this one.

  3. FUCK UFO'S THIS WAS A DRONE. The american army has now marketed drones which means they currently have much greater technologies. Who is Americas worst enemy?

  4. What's interesting about this zoomed in view, is when the object either passes by or comes in contact with the rocket, the jet plume changes instantly. Very interesting.

  5. you can see tht fire ball or something else after rocket is on fire just pause at 1:04 n u will see tht beam in extreme left side.

  6. At 31 secs you blatantly see it on the other side, maybe it was sabotage but why would you automatically assume its a U.F.O, people who claim to be the most open minded are actually the most closed minded in practice

  7. This seems to be another dumb video. From the angle of the rocket before making contact with the object was already off course. It seems like a star in the background. And from the point of the camera on land it seems to some paranoid people, like you guys, that they make contact and it is in some way deliberate. It was a malfunction and this weak camera does not hold enough evidence to support any kind of tampering from a ufo.

  8. I for one am glad if the ETs are protecting us from ourselves! Someone's got to stop the violence countries dish out to others! I hope they have enough rocket stoppers if the USA and Russia launch their missiles at one another. I think the ETs have shown over and over they won't put up with humans destructive side. I believe them that it's not only destroying our atmosphere, the earth and the human casualties but also spreading interdimensionaly.

  9. Надоели конспирологи…
    Ракета сломалась,что тут не понятно то?

  10. What a fucking pointless video.  You showed us a white spec and… nothing else???? Way to go man.

  11. It couldn't be a plane or helicopter because it is to fast travelling to be ether of them so all it could be is a shooting star or paranormal activity 

  12. Хорошо , что там не было космонавтов.
    Как вы думаете, влияет ли политическая обстановка вот на такие техногенные аварии ?

  13. object stays at 1 height in sky , but yet the rocket is going hundreds of miles per hour..
    bird, IMO

  14. Fake. А по русскому это звучит вот так, почему всегда показывают какие то непонятные обьекты при якобы в замедленном времени видео имено здесь художник на видеоредакторе может делать любые эффекты какое в голову взбредет, в реальной скорости ракета летит как обычно и на небе не видно никаких НЛО. 

  15. Oh come on… it's a dot. It could be ANYTHING. Like.. a planet? I mean the rocket is moving, very possibly "toward" the dot. Nothing points to the dot moving toward the rocket in the first place. I'm all for intelligent life but that's making something out of quite possibly nothing at all.. 

  16. It has noting to do with it it is just a star Camera is following the rocket and thats why it looks like that star hit it.but it is just staying still,Go to 0:45 and you can see the star again.

  17. i'm a believer for sure ! but i think you guys from thirdphaseofmoon just want to see evidence in EVERYthing , can't that just be a star ? i mean cmon , it cause of vids and comments like these that peeps stay sceptical about the whole subject , think about it , i really hope you guys read this comment cause i want the truth to come out , but the real one , not the blown up version of it :p i'm not saying everything you guys say and make is blown up , but some of it really is 🙂

  18. And how do you know this that it wasn't an American rocket taken out by a ufo?
    Your "leading" questions leave so much to be desired by thinking people.

  19. I definitely see the unidentified object come out on the left side of rocket seemingly unaffected by by the rocket if it indeed hit it. It also seems that the delay of the first sign of rocket  malfunction is to long.  If the rocket was hit, the explosion or disruption in rocket trajectory would seem to happen instantly.

  20. No frigging way that was the USA, open your eyes and look again because I see something small and flat come out from the right side of the video and it's definitely not a American object, look closely at the small object and try to convince us it's an American missile. It's a flat small object possibly a UFO, that's a unidentified flying object !

  21. On the evening of May 15, 2014 at 10:15 pm from my home in Arizona, I witnessed a very large asteriod pass just above our atmosphere and then vanish into the Earth's shadow.

    Could this rocket have been struck by a smaller piece of debris traveling with this asteroid? I believe so, however I can not get anyone to take me seriously on the issue.

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