Breaking [UFO] NEWS! UFO HAARP Experiment FLUX HOLOGRAM?! Switzerland 2015 UFO Sightings!

NEW VIDEO!! SHOCK & AWE! UFO HAARP Experiment FLUX HOLOGRAM?! Switzerland 2015 UFO Sightings! Quote From Roter “Hi, a week ago i filmed this from my balcony and wanted your opinion about it. Greetings from Switzerland” Brent and Blake Look Over HAARP Evidence.

Original Link From Switzerland From Roter Faden

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46 Comments on “Breaking [UFO] NEWS! UFO HAARP Experiment FLUX HOLOGRAM?! Switzerland 2015 UFO Sightings!”

  1. there are 2 houses with lights on at the bottom left and right screen.Did anyone notice how both the lights in those houses got brighter at the 4:35 mark?

  2. Definitely some compelling evidence…especially the sky lighting up behind the clouds.

  3. probably just a gig or something behind the treeline..   Ocams Razor

  4. where in the world is that HAARP spiral thing in? I know that theres a megastorm near texas that came not long after this showed up.

  5. I agree 110% with the others. It's CERN . They just got antimatter on their screen in color. Or some shit like that. I haven't read the article yet… But trying to learn how the universe works. Is the easy part… Opening a dimension. Is gonna be tough. But I know some fucked up shit is going to happen when play God. With the God particle… Sy-fy movies. Nope. Just our new reality .. I think CERN is awesome. But in my opinion. And I am not a god believer or bible believer. That all our answers r answered when we die. How. When where. I have no clue. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there is a pearly gate to heaven. Or maybe just the next dimension. Or reincarnation. Or absolutely nothing at all. But our answers will come to us somehow. Maybe from nibiru lol. Hey I believe in the annunaki more then I do God. And the meaning of God is creator of all… And the annunaki created us. Then it's a win win both side. There's a God. Yay for Catholics. And there are annunakis. Yay us atheists or none believers in any sort of religion or cult.

  6. It is the rotation of the haarp syncparticle crossing the cern robot gozar particle. Whille the fluxhaarping the cold cern discus proving this thunderstorm flashing flashlights.sayng nobody chose anything!!

  7. Ever watched The Strangest Weather On Earth on the Weather Channel? It looks like something from that show. It's called Upward Lightning or Positive lightning.
    Maybe there's some plasma or sprites.

    Weird weather exists in nature. It's not necessarily HAARP or a UFO.

  8. crazy what the bleep is that …. like what are they doing to our planet ???????? someone should be shot for doing this stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. No conspiracy here, it's obviously the effluence of swamp gas. Besides, HAARP was decommissioned in 1999 and the land was sold to a private corporation by silent Federal auction, so remind me what rock you people live under again?

  10. The heavens will be opened.  multiverse.  when scriptures talk about the second coming, they talk about "angels going up and coming down from heaven".  Jacobs ladder, or, stairway to heaven.  Heaven is all around us, Accept the Lamb.

  11. Obviously a rave or festival. You can see all the flag poles in the foreground and beams coming from the ground lighting the clouds from underneath. The rest are lasers and strobe lights.

  12. Hey Blake, HAARP has an open house every two years, why don't you go there and ask some real questions for the people who actually working there? And it's nothing to do with "radio waves", they are working with Tesla technology, which is Aetheric.

  13. WTF. It could be anything. Polarised light, aurea borealis, reflection caused by warm air (fata morgana), lighting very high in atmosphere, Rayleigh scattering….

  14. I saw something exactly like this last night in Suffolk, England. At first it seemed like lightning. But the flash stayed in the sky for much longer than any lightning bolt I've ever seen. And no sound of thunder at all.

  15. Mass pressure under the plates moving lava flows of extreme heat rubbing against the build up of really old plate materials the energy released from the old build up of states of quantum materials are transferring the state of flux materials in between there states going straight through the particles of the plates, the plates are acting like giant diodes, frequency of magnetism, supercharged particles literal front row seat inside a super collider on a gigaton scale and you caught in motion.

  16. High frequency energy waves focused on a target in the ionosphere in a circular pattern creates a super heated spot in the upper atmosphere, thus manipulating the jet stream and storm patterns.

  17. It could be Cern hardron collider. Was this light show over Genevieve?

  18. Oh me and my older nephews saw this green alien like ship hover over my neighbors house at night and all the lights in my house turned off and we didn't really have phones because we were young but I got scared and ran inside to tell everyone but my nephew stopped me and told me to never tell anyone about it or people in black suits will come after us 3 and so I kept my mouth shut for years till now

  19. Hey Brent yeah that first blast charges the atmosphere surrounding area. The next beam starts the counterclockwise storm.

  20. I heard that when CERN ran the collider that "some strange things came out of it" and some people saw "apparitions" . Do you have any idea what they saw and maybe it wasn't apparitions?

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