Buckle-Up! Mind Boggling UFO Footage Just In Beyond Explanation! 2021

The Phenomenon is on the Rise! Volcanic UFO reaction, plus craft the defy physics known to man BUCKLE-UP!

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Special Thanks to Desert Jeff

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39 Comments on “Buckle-Up! Mind Boggling UFO Footage Just In Beyond Explanation! 2021”

  1. I think they are watching or preventing something from escaping from the volcanoes. Possibly fallen angels or other spirits imprisoned below the earth.

  2. If you think about this new civilization trying to warn us about something???? I would mimic the creatures on that planet to explain what my message was…obviously not in name but in motion, because surely as an advance species we would know the animals on our plant there combination of geometry and motion to explain and set a mathematical alphabet using 5 dimensions. Just a thought, or indeed they may just be nothing more than a part of normality yet to be explained.

  3. The 2nd clip is just a star you can see during daylight..its that simple..and im sure I could see the blades spinning on the object above the volcano which means it is a drone, it even moved like a drone.

  4. How can I submit a video to you? The ufo staring at 1:59 is identical to one that I recorded in my back yard a few weeks ago. And then, swoosh it left our atmosphere like a bullet. This was two weeks after I captured a very clear video of a ball inside an orb, it was huge and close. I would like to send both videos. I’m in upstate NY, where we have been having many sightings this year. (I’m in Troy NY, the place where man first split the atom. At Rensselaer polytechnic institute. Also, we have many testing and training nuclear reactors for the college and the naval training base…. And the Watervliet Arsenal, one of the oldest operating arsenals in the US. Which is well protected. Just north of Indian point nuclear plant which was the likely attraction for the Hudson Lights phenomena of UFOs, and south of Plattsburgh, the old nuclear Arsenal which allegedly was defunct…even though they still have tactical launch operators stationed there 24/7. We’ve got a lot going on here)

  5. Guys, PLEASE PLEASE do something about your PET BIRD CALLING in background when you Speak at Home. Its so annoying to hear the bird calling constantly in background while I listen to you speak.

  6. It seems that volcanoes when they are erupting seem to attract UFO and I think of why seems the UFO to be getting the Force of energy out from the volcano.

  7. everyone who believes in aliens and ufos (everyone who knows) need to buy high quality video cameras

  8. Wait a second brothers, perhaps you can remind us of a single UFO that went hand in hand with the Hawaii eruptions.

  9. https://youtu.be/W6WjiupbVHI I believe this may be the reason for the Tictac… Nasa has built or is building it…. It's called the impossible engine… It uses microwaves in a tube has no exhaust nothing comes out ect yet it can float hoover and reach light speed…. Here is the video of them talking about it…

  10. I gotta say looking at the object near the volcano. it's defiantly not a drone at least not from earth…if you look closely when it moves above the explosion it doesn't move and you can see rocks should hit it but a blueish light does surround the craft.. and that I know we don't have drones/ship's with any type of shielding tech. plus with the heat rising from volcano would have fried the circuits

  11. Ppl are so dumb those are chem trails to Control the weather in that falls on us all day long and finally Our et brothers are fucking cleaning these chemtrails up from the psychopaths running this world trying to control whether employment on climate change

    I'M OUT ~

  13. Good stuff,guys. Thank you. I wonder after watching stuff like this,if the ets are getting tired of the coverup..I don’t think the volcano is a drone either,andI have everlasting of them.Is Apollo as hot in person,as he is on video?

  14. Would you rather it be a weapon capable of destroying Russia and China or a UFO with a hot alien operating it who would land next to you and force you to reproduce with her?

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