Buildings On Mars Google Map, August 2014, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: August 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
URL Source:

I was looking over the on-line Google Mars map and found an area of interest. In this location the photo is color and not infrared, and also NASA has not edited this area of the map very well. There are a lot of structures near the shadows of mountains and along the tops of craters. These structures are so well lit up that we can see they are solid objects on the surface.

One such crater with a structure on the side shows a shadow that matches the buildings. This particular crater is 100% proof that these buildings are actually there and not mistakes in the photo development process. I open the video with that crater, so you will see it right away if you are interested in it.

Remember this is not the downloaded Google Mars map, but the on-line smaller version. You must hit the infrared button on the far upper right of the screen to see it.


Scott C. Waring


23 Comments on “Buildings On Mars Google Map, August 2014, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. Photoshop is a fun program. seriously though if you were an alien building stuff on another planet wouldnt you at least try to hide it? 

  2. Like always Scott, great video. I just realized that somehow I was unsubscribed by who or whatever. Just wanted to let you know.  Thanks again!

  3. Possible. I'm not a geologist but to be objective I wonder if these structures are massive geologic crystals or whatever definition in. Rockese?

    Could be related to the planet's past chemistry that could have been much different than ours.

  4. Reading below, the criticisms, fair enough, but pay attention first! He gives you the URL for these untouched photos as they appear on Google Earth, and, he says we are looking at infrared imaging, which he also gives the link to. Furthermore, as I have helped scientists identify peculiar objects anomalies on the Moon's surface, I find this intriguing, we merely used the basic images NASA issued, not the infrared, and I saw nothing of this nature, so the buildings are camouflaged, very effectively. The reason as to why they are so well hidden, in normal vision, is interesting…since they are so much more advanced, what do they have to fear being seen? Methinks experience has caused them to be cautious, and we, on Earth, are the antithesis of cautiousness, so we are 'attracting' more and more attention from more civilisations because of our (relatively) primitive communications, which leak into space, and our light filled cities. We are entering the next phase, it would seem, how long our Govs can deny we are being visited etc is the question?

  5. Interesting, but why should all that buildings posisioned in the same north-south direction, exactly in line of the position of the camera…

  6. Paying attention to the shadow detail offers some convincing leverage to your interpretational view Scott. I am of the opinion you have uncovered some solid and believable scenes of the abundant ruins found most everywhere on Mars. Quite a good report here for sure.  -Morbius

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