Bulgarian Goverment Scientist Say Aliens Are Among Us-Official News Nov 26th 2009!!UFO

Bulgarian Goverment Scientist Say Aliens Are Among Us-Offcial News!!



Scientists from the Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) have been reported to be in touch with extraterrestrial beings.
The Bulgarian Novinar Daily has reported that the Bulgarian scientists are currently working on deciphering pictograms which are said to have come in the form of the so called crop circles with which the aliens answered 30 questions posed by the BAS researchers.
They are currently all around us, and are watching us all the time. They are not hostile towards us; rather, they want to help us but we have not grown enough in order to establish direct contact with them. They are ready to help us but we dont know what to request from them in case of contact, said Lachezar Filipov, Deputy Director of the Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, as quoted by the Novinar Daily.
Filipov has said that even the Vatican had agreed that aliens existed. In his words, the humans are not going to be able to establish contact with the extraterrestrials through radio waves but through the power of thought.
He has stated that the human race was certainly going to have direct contact with the aliens in the next 10-15 years.
The deputy head of the Bulgarian Space Research Institute has also told the Novinar Daily that the extraterrestrials were critical of the peoples amoral behavior referring to the humans’ interference in natures processes.
Filipovs team is reported to be analyzing the 150 new crop circles which appeared around the globe in the past year.
The publication of the Novinar Daily about the BAS researchers communicating with aliens comes in the midst of a controversy over the role, feasibility, and reform of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, which last week even led to the exchange of offensive remarks between Bulgaria’s Finance Minister, Simeon Djankov, and President Georgi Parvanov.

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  1. How about something more important like what happens when you die? Where did we come from? Why can't we remember? There's only a continuity of me and I started at birth and I don't like that anymore. Most people don't like it. Why is birth and death so hard? The aliens are far too unsuccessful at helping humans in my opinion. We are not helped. We are probably here as prisoners and the jail is getting overcrowded.

  2. – Romantic Brothers – FLOWERS – ! U must to listen this great i-tunes smash! Hilarious! About politics, economy & war! Real situation song.

  3. Please send me a message, via telepathy, tomorrow morning on my way to work, so I will know it is you.

  4. @ouivaleria
    Checkout my channel if your looking for answers, watch billy meier, this goes to anyone reading this!

  5. @trueredexe who says the aliens would be superior? We are not a pile of feces, not even close.

  6. Добре защо не мога да намеря какво е комуникирал тоя Филипов. OK, why there is nowhere to be fount the information comunicated.

  7. not aliens but demons or evil spirits trying to deceive this world that God is either not real or these so called aliens can solve the world's problems instead of putting their faith in God through Jesus Christ His Son who died on the cross for the sins of the world, Jesus is God, worship Him and no other, amen.

  8. Hilarious. Aliens are like "when you get smarter you can contact us with your minds" then they add "should be talking to ya'll in 10-15 years". Like people will be any smarter ten years from now! People are regressing like crazy, not progressing. It's obvious. People grow more stupid every day.

  9. Why are there no crop circles in Bulgaria? How are aliens benevolent when they molest people, mutilate cows and abduct children and adults???

  10. You are right. They are Fallen Angels/Demons. Govts are corrupt & are very involved with them. There is too much evidence out there. Something is going on. Aliens/Demons are in another dimension. I have read that they are all around us but we can't percieve them.The world is falling apart, animals/fish/bees are dying. Oceans are poison, war/evil is rampant, earthquakes happen almost everyday, govt want to track and monitor us. Everybody is tatooed to death, loves vampires. WTH!!!

  11. because they are evil. The federation of light is also. They deny Christ Jesus as son of God. This is the method of finding out who is who. Entities that deny him are also subject to HIS name. and must obey. Tell an alien to leave in the name of Jesus (and believe what your saying) It will Leave. even works on flying insects. does for me.,

  12. 1-st time i am proud from my country man and for shure our corrupt to the bone government will shit on the people hard work ….this minister and the xpresident that i forgat at the time even his name imagine why !?!? the two are so stupid and corupt i can`t describe them

  13. oh i forgot we have this place that was buried with concrete i forgot the name of the place but it was sad that down there there is remains from the first man and other strange things …so the government buried with concrete

  14. ..so you tell flying insects to leave in the name of Christ, and they just obey and on the go??

    Hahaha, oki then..

  15. Yeah I do. And it certainly wont work if You dont believe it. Ive commanded wounds to quit bleeding and they have. Its called FAITH Get some.

    Philippians 4:13 I can do ALL things through Christ Jesus
    So ill let you in on a secret. Starting This month Millions of Muslims will March toward Israel from North South and East Only for 80% of them to Die. It will Appear the Nation of Israel will be Destroyed, But something Never before seen will happen. The God of Israel will appear.

  16. Really..?

    It's been well over three years since you posted that comment. If things are "moving along" as you say then they are moving in increments which are so infinitesimally small that they cannot be measured with an electron microscope.


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