Can We Finally Say the UFOs Aren't Aliens?

–Audience Question: Can we say for sure that UFOs aren’t aliens?
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Broadcast on June 11, 2021

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29 Comments on “Can We Finally Say the UFOs Aren't Aliens?”

  1. The other morning, at dawn, in the early morning light, while I was still a bit sleepy, I saw an unidentified object moving through my backyard. It appeared to be of animal nature, not a machine. Until I have more information about it I will assume it was an alien from another planet.

    update – Turns out it was a fox. Don't see them much around here.

  2. i’ve always been skeptic. David Fravor changed my perspective. I’m leaving the door open.

  3. I doubt the UFOs are American. Trump couldn't keep his mouth shut about that. In fact, Trump would be bragging that he built them.

  4. Wow. Sir, do you really think the U.S. would design 3 flying African pyramids at hypersonic speed, and UFO's the can dive into the ocean, and yet the Americans can't even catch to the Asia on their internet speed or train speed?

  5. How about a simple "I don't know" instead of making assumptions and postulations that highlight your lack of knowledge on the facts

  6. There simply isn't enough evidence to support either or any conclusion at this point. More study and investigation is needed. Either conclusion at this point relies heavily on meritless assumptions.

  7. US govt insider, "Mike from Around the World", has disclosed that the govt worked with a SATANIST who conjured up ALIENS (DEMONS) resulting in ROSWELL. The govt extracted ancient advanced technology from these sinister Fallen Angels, other govts have probably done it too. ALIEN ABDUCTIONS have been stopped when the victims invoked the name of Jesus Christ, thru faith. LA Marzulli has don extensive research and has a YouTube channel.

  8. I love your videos but I gotta share my thoughts on this one. If you don't know what something is (and the intellectual community at large doesn't either), the last thing this phenomenon should be is dismissed entirely. Camera lens anomalies don't explain the uaps showing up on separate radars at the exact same time during the Nimitz scenario, that's what makes it such a big deal, the uap is real, it's there. And I personally don't believe human civilization can hide technology that is 100-1,000 years advanced and looks like magic, too many areas in which it could be leaked or would be used as a public display of dominance. Adversaries hiding it makes no sense to me when countries show off their military might all the time. It doesn't sound unrealistic to me that intelligent extraterrestrials do exist and do watch us from a distance, or are just apathetic to us noticing them. Ultimately we should be hyper-focused on this matter and try to explain it as quickly as possible, and the last thing we should do is use a "best guess" to dismiss it entirely. I do believe that a disinformation campaign would be my number one theory if it weren't for France, China, and Russia, among other countries coming out and saying they've had multiple encounters as well. No I'm not an alien nut, yes I do require extraordinary proof, but dismissing the entire thing and every hypothesis won't solve anything, it's just delusional. Scientifically you have a series of most likely hypotheses and you do your best to disprove them until only one remains or you can come up with others. Have you honestly been researching this case to disprove your own hypothesis? Personally, I'm trying to disprove that extraterrestrials are visiting us, but after looking up the statistical odds of advanced intergalactic civilizations existing in our galaxy (given the vast amount of time, space, and habitable planets) and that they could have found a way to bend space to travel faster than light, it really doesn't seem that far fetched to me. Again, no hate, but you should really dive a little deeper on this one. It doesn't look like a misinformation campaign to me. I think there really is something going on and even the government doesn't know about it and they are just trying to open it all up publicly while causing as little panic as possible.

  9. Nothing worse than listening to someone blather about things he doesnt know anything about. UFOs arent new, they have been reported all over the planet… our database of pilot reports spans over 100yrs….

  10. About this being foreign tech.

    There is an "weird" rabbit hole with Ning Li and Eugene Podkletnov, but it seems to be pure nonsense.

  11. Of course the comment section is filled with people whose whole existence is centered around proving that aliens visit us secretely.
    A venn diagram of young earthers, flat earthers, incels and self proclaimed ufologists is nothing but a perfect circle.

  12. The TicTac tech is mind-blowing. If it is extraterrestrials and they come from another solar system, they have therefore conquered FTL travel and are possibly thousands of years more advanced than humans?

  13. If this is a form of manmade technology, why are we wasting time with Ingenuity hovering for a few seconds on Mars if we've created vehicles that can effortlessly dance around one G of gravity here on Earth? The Navy and the FBI bring the unclassified report to Congress today. Can't wait to hear what is in it!

  14. "We are alone in the universe."
    Common opinion.
    "We're not even alone on this planet."
    Common knowledge.

  15. This is the same thing a CAVEMAN thought BACK IN THE DAYS .When suddenly a bright polished ,burnished, gleaming ,Disc appeared in front of HIM and left HIM a box of matches.

  16. It's the same principle as the "god of the gaps" theory. If you can't explain something, just say "God did it!"

  17. America has said – “it is not theirs.” If it was Russia’s Putin would have a red one with a giant “P” on it and buzz the Whitehouse daily. . . FFS, if any country had this technology it would put it on display for the world saying in clear terms, “ we run this show.”

  18. me: I have seen an UFO
    Scientist: it must have been the Moon, Venus, an airplane, a car
    me: am sure it came from a very high orbit
    Scientist: then it must have been some ball lightning
    me: is that a proven fact?

  19. Life finds a way, even in the dark hostile depth's of our ocean, very high chance of cautious visitation, they don't want to disrupt our history, objectively study Bob Lazar without a bias of what you want it to be. Not confirming anything, but it is a high probability, arrogant to say that only OUR life found a way and ONLY here on this rock…

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