Canadian Minister of Defense on "Galactic Federation" of Aliens

Canadian Minister of Defense on “Galactic Federation” of Aliens

Former Canadian Minister of National Defense (1963-1967) and longtime member of Canadian Parliament The Honorable Paul Hellyer discusses the alleged “Galactic Federation” of Aliens that was also discussed publicly recently by former head of Israel‘s military space program Haim Eshed who is also an award winning professor and retired Israeli general. Former Head of Britain’s Ministry of Defense UFO Desk on Haim Eshed Claims:

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45 Comments on “Canadian Minister of Defense on "Galactic Federation" of Aliens”

  1. Galactic Federation part is a hoax by some very bad fascists trying to pull a fast one… long story, but that "Tic Tac" stuff is legit.

  2. The notion that beings, who have the intelligence and technology to get to earth, tell members of the “federation” that earth is one of the best planets😂

  3. Oh ffs, this is nonsense. Is that what the govt is going to 'reveal'? "Dear Citizens: There are aliens, and they are upset. They have informed us that we must spend trillions of dollars on 'green energy'." I can see it now. Forbid that anyone actually changes their lifestyle – we proved it can be done during the last year. Work from home, less cars on the road. Zoom, no need to 'go into the office' or even in court. Delivery drivers handling restaurant, grocery, and necessities can take on multiple household needs instead of everyone being out jamming up the roads. Buildings can come down and nature put back. But no one wants to do that, do they? The air was cleaner, the animals were out more – nature was doing well. We already have the technology, it's simply human resistance to change.

  4. This is not a surprise.. and they are also called the galactic Armada. The TV communication that got blocked before was real.. one of these "aliens" which is called vermilon are actually God's fallen angels. And they did not come from other worlds, they have always been here all along. Just pray to God and y'all will be fine.. funny people.

  5. We dont deserve to see aliens or alien technology. Humans are the worst thing to exist in this galaxy.

  6. Exelent video, no visible evidence but his own words. Yet I'm sure that were not alone In this massive Universe. Earth is sofferin because of us humans, earth herself will take care of us…

  7. Saw t here disc shaped objects west of mt. Lemon, 1972 while standing on tarmac near mole

  8. If they wanted us to be more “green” wouldn’t they give us the technology to do??…I believe in Alien Life form.. but this sounds fishy..

  9. This is the same ecological message the kids in South Africa heard from the aliens they encountered. Literally, these aliens are going to get attacked by Republicans for being "Socialists." They should just stay away for awhile.

  10. Us helpless citizens are at the mercy for the repercussions of all the bad decisions our so called Governments make on a daily basis!

  11. From looking at the picture I expected this to be a Biden tries to speak English moment??

  12. Question: why do appear so interested in our sex organs… “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel”…..UFO: purely satanic….Paul Helier: purely deranged.

  13. It would seem to me that if aliens would be concerned about anything, going on here on Earth, it would be that we are on the brink of war with China and Russia rather than the fact we are still using fossil fuels.

  14. "Stop using fossel fuels" These advanced outer space aliens are global warming activists also.

  15. Dementia. sorry to see this fine fellow succumb to it. sure Aliens care about human civilization. LOL. give us a break. Galactic Federation? Quick. call Captain Kirk on the Starship Enterprise, engage warp drive, and show those well meaning creatures we can do what they can do. LOL. thanks for the belly laugh. Dementia is a serious disease. seek medical help

  16. You know, we as humans we should listen instead of being ignorant to the issues facing our planet!

  17. The reason I'm skeptical is because, if this is true, why wouldn't the aliens offer us clean energy blue prints?

  18. They can't be any weirder or harder to communicate with than all those people we have representing us in Washington, D.C., right now! 😮

  19. As much as I would like to know about alien life visiting our planet the idea of an Alien federation watching us with concern is absolutely ridiculous. What a load of rubbish, this kind of thing is right up there with tin foil hats.

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