Canadian Woman Captures Impressive UFO On Her Cell Phone – Global News

Debbie Glitter Captured this intriguing UFO after seeing it 3 times. Then she asked her son to come over and film it for her on his cell phone. When it comes to people reporting UFOs, the North Okanagan seems to be a hotspot. The latest example comes from Lumby in British Columbia canada.

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10 Comments on “Canadian Woman Captures Impressive UFO On Her Cell Phone – Global News”

  1. Just once I would love to not hear the "expert" go on about stars and planets when the witness clearly states that the object was mobile. Hey asshat,  how many stars or planets "shoot off". Simple question really.

  2. Disclosure Petition VII – Congressional Hearings
    WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: Support congressional hearings for government/agency/political witnesses to extraterrestrial related events and evidence.
    It requires 100,000 signatures in 30 days to receive a White House response.

  3. Asking an astronomer about UFOs.
    It's like asking an atheist about god…!

    Yes Dorothy, there is live out there but shhhhhhhh !!!

  4. I grew up right across from this house. When I was a kid, in the early 90s. my friend and I saw these lights. There were more of them and they moved faster, and came together and apart several times before taking off. They shined in the same way though. Crazy that it was the same area of the sky.

  5. I saw a similar UFO on several separate evening above my home in Pennsylvania. I first thought it was an airplane, then it caught my attention when it was zipping across the sky and just stopped. It sat in the sky for like 30 second then was going at a impossible right angle. I was like that's no airplane, then it would go back words. Every time I'd go grab a camera it be gone. I have video a different kind of light UFO. We are not alone. Keep looking up.

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