21 Comments on “Cape Coral man claims to have spotted a 'UFO'”

  1. If you could affect what he saw and disort distort what the camera recorded, with electrical inteference or other frequencies and wavelengths, you would get an answer. But I'm betting this has already been done…

  2. I wish the news would quit giggling everytime they say the word UFO this could be something really serious really scary if they're from another planet dimension and if it would be another country is scary to so what the hell is so funny

  3. So tired of the media not taking UFO/UAP sightings seriously. Sweet story broadcasted to your 15 viewers. Dude imagine being a news anchor lmao

  4. That pic is just a live picture but he moved the phone while taking it so it made it lines it’s hapoen to me before

  5. It's all real folks. Just because this Air Force guy doesn't know, doesn't mean it isn't true, he just doesn't know, because he doesn't need to. I saw one come out of the caloosahatchee river over 10 years ago. It was under the water and came out from under the water, and went into the air. It looked like a cross between a boat and a little jet, and It had three symbols on the side, a rounded triangle, a circle and a six-point star. And it did not make a sound, as I watched the water trickle off of its little wings as it slowly went up and up. I was very close. I was about 10 ft behind the seawall at JC park off of Beach parkway, off of Del Prado boulevard.
    I say religion is what's keeping it from coming out. Because it's going to debunk everything everybody thinks. Which I don't think should be too big of a surprise, considering there are so many different religions.
    Watch out, the men in Black might teleport right to you, if you start making too much noise about it. Oh no, please know that I am not joking. They reverse engineered this stuff a very long time ago. It may be from here and it may not. Release the anti-gravity technology I say. The industrial military complex knows all about it. And have known our whole lives. And don't worry about it, because you yourself are an alien, and I'm willing to bet you're probably part reptilian also. Sounds absolutely ridiculous, doesn't it?

  6. Saw a blue light out in lehigh at like 2am… noooo sound at all and very low! This was like 2002 tho

  7. It’s sad the news agencies don’t take this seriously Florida and California have the two highest sighting rates in the country according to the national ufo reporting center. This isn’t the only man who has seen them if you search “Florida UFO” other people have posted videos of others across Florida

  8. Regardless what the Pentagon says whatever they are whoever they are they are getting more and more bold and I think he might be getting ready to say hello let's see all the skeptics when their reality is turned upside down

  9. Seriously, what's with the sniggering and stigma fueled attitude by the presenters ? It's 2021.

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