CAPTURED on Video, Extremely RARE USOs/UFOs, Once in a LIFETIME Sightings in 2021!!!


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35 Comments on “CAPTURED on Video, Extremely RARE USOs/UFOs, Once in a LIFETIME Sightings in 2021!!!”

  1. If the guy got over 10 min of footage of that USO or whatever it is. Why is he only trying to upload it to Whatsapp? Why can't he upload it through another app or any free file sharing service? Getting the full video (unedited) should be a priority. Worst thing I know about UFO sites sharing evidence,is editing of the footage adding background music etc. Get the evidence out as is. Have it available on a file sharing service. That way the footage is preserved for other people,and we don't have to follow breadcrumbs of deteriorating footage,after it has been uploaded and edited 15 times via multiple channels. Always keep footage UNTOUCHED,or at least have the untouched footage available. If the UFO community isn't also thinking about preservation it's just a huge disservice to the whole community.

  2. Always over the water.
    Could these things over the open water be nothing but 21st century open air CGI technology?
    Most of what we've been allowed to see is videos in the U.V. spectrum, or heat vision… easy to manipulate as a "UFO" when it's probably a CIA asset. (Drone)
    My opinion on anything that's not fake, or ours… Angel technology. I believe Satan and his followers from the 1st Earth age have been thrown out of heaven and down here to Earth to finish off the 6th trumpet.
    If what people portray to be "Jesus" shows up in Isreal, and he's performing miracles, I'll know I was right.
    If I'm right, (hope I'm not) and you think you see Christ but you are still in your meatsuit, Don't fall for it.
    If I'm wrong, it's probably CIA. VonBraun told us what the end game was 70 years ago. Should we just blow that off?
    All of the sudden the 1000% jump in UFO footage, and "news" coverage? I'm just not buying into the narrative…. no matter how badly we all want to know about E.T. visitors.

  3. Nick Pope is a liar he wants you to believe that we are being attacked from Aliens and we are not dr Steven Greer will clear that right up. It is a huge hoax.

  4. Hi young one, l remember last year l saw UFO l did report it but lucky l never took a video of it, l was lucky l don't know it was real or Army homemade an ass hole never believe the Thirdphaseofmoon he said they are fake, l already told them the person mane The Big Daddy-O just let you Know

  5. they're making themselves known. That they're real. This just makes the Billy Meier stuff was real not a made up story. I love the Billy Meier case. I've learned so much from it. It woke me up for real.

  6. If it's ours why wouldn't we be more secretive instead of flaunting it. We sure couldn't call it classified when we're blasting "here we are, look at us; see ya later"…and what if "we" were to shoot us down

  7. It Wont stop…the leaders are keeping up with thier 70yr story that they are hostile?!?
    People will believe they are unfortunately!!! False Flag mass visit may indeed occur??

  8. What if all these glitches in the matrix like birds frozen in air and planes and then people vanishing out of nowhere are to do with UFO’s and Aliens think about it UFO’s freeze in one spot and disappear out of no where and the rumors of Aliens living among us 🤔

  9. There's going to be a lot of chaff in these released documents. Sifting through these will take time, as people and places and other related documents will need to be accessed. Raw data is just that, raw.

    My thoughts are that the US military/intelligence community is in effect throwing up their hands in keeping containment in this age of electronics. The fact that they're showing up all over the country, to every Tom, Dick, and Harry proves these aren't our own.

    And they aren't Russian or Chinese. Every country has the absolute best in spyware that they can find. Between electronic surveillance, satellite scanning, and embedded assets, there are very few surprises between nations on their war fighting capabilities. Especially ones this big.

    So that leaves only more esoteric solutions. Take your pick from unknowable physics to herds of roving space whales to sentient aliens. And we don't know, so it's high time we found out.

    (I think we just border an intergalactic rest area, where travelers stop to let their pet bigfoot or Jersey Devil out to potty while they roam around a little themselves before continuing their cryo-sleep journey. 😎 )

  10. It is our own reversed engineered crafts. The "Threat" is the greatest deception. The big fraud is close.

  11. If you've never been to Peru I cannot explain the energy that, that country puts out. especially down in the Patagonia range. There is something sacred about Peru and I believe they've been visiting Peru since the beginning

  12. The problem is most of our Phone cams suck if we want a good video we need a Nikon p900 or P1100. I think we should be calling them SFO's Submeragible flying objects.

  13. Intertrestrial not extertrestrial there are older species of homosapians on this planet than us I think.

  14. A picture was taken in Scotland of a ufo just like this in the 80s but the picture was confiscated

  15. WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE UFOs UAPs or USOs are ET. William is a funny guy singing The X Files song😂😆.

    That Broad day ight Craft is shapeshifting n transforms itself….Incredible 😲

    It's no intelligence failure NASA Pentagon US Military are hand in glove with ETs.Our Ancient Hindu Gods n Vimanas were not of this Earth… Greetings from India.

  16. Only a fool would believe that the US government is going to give you the real answer about the UFO question.

  17. If they're triangular in shape, like the TR-3B ASTRA, TR-3A SPORTSTER, XB40 Drone many of the new hypersonic 6th generation fighter jets or boomerang like the TR-6 TELOS I'd be willing to bet they're made by Northrop Grumman

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