CBS NEWS Interviews Michael Horn on Billy Meier UFO Case

For IRONCLAD proof Meier forewarned:

San Diego: Historic new mainstream TV interview about the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts, still ongoing in Switzerland for 78 years. Skeptic corroborates authenticity of asteroid Apophis warring by Meier BEFORE NASA “discovered” it. Focus on prophecies about threats to planetary survival now fulfilling, as foretold by Billy Meier and Plejaren extraterrestrials.

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  1. Should have mentioned the coming US civil wars. That would have really shocked their asses.

  2. this video will resurface again in 7-9 years when apophis can be visible by ordinary hobby telescope. then we just hope the 3036 isn't too late.

  3. Fantastic! Thank you Michael, for all you do towards awakening the sleeping masses to the most important story of scientific and historical significance to never be told. WOW, mainstream exposure is finally here?

  4. So they told him predictions about the future with no advice or technology, medicine, on how to stop it.🤔

  5. They not of world ET that he has meet. ,they are inner earth ET, the earth crust has large caverns in it, previous earth races and real ET moved into them a long time ago.

  6. Congratulation Michael, Your dedication is paying off. Also in CR 251 : "A lung disease will also break out in humans through the guilt of China, where bioweapons are being researched and a carelessness is releasing pathogens." .. Maybe it is linked also.

  7. Mr. Horn really did"nt say much just a couple of Ideas that have been in the media for years!.I wanted to hear some of the predictions that were given to Mr. Meier about our future.

  8. Thank You Michael, great opportunity to give some seed's for people, media and world to look at case. Those women was shocked and scared simply by listening to few words. Plejaren and Billy was right to not showing themselves to majority, people would go crazy in consciousness. A bit to bit information are good for them. You dont even lick the minimum of profound information 🙂 Keep up the work as the Representative, Apophis are aproaching 🙁 Chris from Poland…

  9. The more time goes by understanding from people just keep adding up like any other truth.

  10. "In German!", she says in a very enthused and entertaining fashion. Guess it's time to research the Contact Reports again and revitalize my learning of German, didn't know the language has such effect with the ladies – so hot.


  12. They are really and seem very honestly happy to have him there and listen what he has to say.

    Salome Michael!!

    Keep it up.

  13. Well done; nicely presented! There is still a glimmer of hope that some upcoming ills could still be averted, like all nuclear power plants be shut down in time, before they go into china-syndrome because of tectonic collapse, another WW can still be prevented and maybe even asteroid Apophis be redirected in his near-by fly-by on april 13, 2029, so it doesn't hit Earth on april 13, 2036. Not much else there can still be done because to fix most other ills it is too late. Maybe Billy Meier material could still be disseminated all over the world so people can wake up, just as long the "elite" allows this, realizing they are doomed too otherwise.

  14. The middle woman had so say, “scaring me a little bit, though. Yikes!” A whiny disinformation woman.

  15. Relying on long debunked skeptical attacks shows you know nothing and have done ZERO research yourself. I suggest you get educated: theyflyblog. com You can learn about the scientific, aerospace experts, US astronauts, USAF OSI investigators and other REAL experts who have already authenticated the Meier contacts. Of course you'd have to want to….LEARN in the first place.

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