CBS News Tries To Show My UFO Footage And Are "STOPPED" By ?

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CBS News Tries To Show My UFO Footage And Are “STOPPED” By ?

Local Cleveland CBS Action 19 News tried to play my some of the UFO footage on the 11:00 news but there was a mysterious glitch with there equipment (Their words) and here for your viewing pleasure is the actual broadcast, They replayed my UFO story & footage the story the next day with the extra added bit at the beginning of the story about how they tried to show the footage the previous day, and how there was a “strange interference” that made all there equipment fail and how the problem fixed itself when they went on to the next story. My VCR screwed up and I didn’t get the reply on tape.


Michael Lee Hill is an award winning musician, filmographer and UFO experiencer. His footage of the Lake Erie UFO’s has created a Billy Meier like buzz and Michael seems to have developed an intuitive relationship with these craft. In his home state of Ohio, Michael has been cataloging video after video of UFO’s over Lake Erie.

The phenomena consists almost entirely of “Pulsating orb’s of light”—unusual lights seen changing colors, converging, and separating over the lake. Stories of the unexplained phenomena date back over 150 years to the indigenous North American Indian Tribes.

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42 Comments on “CBS News Tries To Show My UFO Footage And Are "STOPPED" By ?”

  1. "If there wasnt a God then you wouldnt exist now would you. "

    Why not?

    "Science hasnt proven how we came to be yet. "

    Neither has religion.

  2. "I have a personal proof that God does exist. "

    Present it

    "You can base your proof on my witness "

    Your witness cannot be my "proof"; at best I could believe you, but that would require faith, and would not be proof, even if what you were saying was true (which I highly doubt, although I don't doubt that you believe it)

    "Sooner or later you WILL know. "

    Or, as I suspect, neither of us will.

  3. i bet your not invisible ha ha ha . open your eyes and look at the data there is ufos out there even in the bible read the damn thing and where did the dinosaurs come from??

  4. wow. readin some of these post. man u guys are gettin deep off of this video. did we watch the same one? anyways. i found this interesting. the reporters kinda admitted that the video had been tampered with. big brother is watcihng?

  5. I was raised a Catholic. So.. "jesus" saved us all from our sins and that all who believe in him will not perish but have everlasting life.

    With that quote, every other religion is wrong? hrm…that cant be right.. Only about 35% of the world is a follower of Christianity. so the other 65% is…doomed? nahhh…
    Christianity is a baby religion. it's only been around for 1900 years. Not to mention it's been split and divided so many times it's just become a watered down religion.

  6. why cant religion be left off the internet. we're all the same people…all 6.5 billion of us. we all live on earth, all eat the same food, drink the same water, reproduce the same…shit the same… we may look different, talk different, live differently, and WORSHIP DIFFERENTLY. but our souls are the same.
    God is just one voice with MANY faces. No religion is right..and no religion is wrong.

    When I die…I will return to the universe, and I will see the stars.

  7. the things christians say…makes me facepalm. it's like. " You can have your god Alah, you can be a buddhist, you can have your gods..that's great…but you're wrong, and we're right." no wonder no one likes us. Btw..did i mention that i was raised in the Catholic church…pretty sure i did. for 20 years. I know his name and I know what he has done. then I left. The imperfections of christianity are another form of us being different. So pls. I respect your views..just dont go flaunt it around.

  8. that was not his footage, it is mine, I am Michael Lee Hill. I deleted his post because obviously the person is not telling the truth.


  9. Hi Michael,

    What an occurrence, evidently they wanted to make a presence during the telecast to prove their strength. 🙂


  10. Government ships,not ets, ,.There is a difference ,.The technology is to medieval ./Well in human terms its amazing . -.-

  11. binary codes are human technology , Trying to talk to others in the universe ,sadly these codes are useless ,…Nothing more than human dribble. All made by Hollywood style scripts in reality nothing comes of these things you call codes /

  12. We must create wars, we hate , we must believe anything our fellow humans say . We must ignore ancient texts, We must have proof in front of our eyes. We are ignorant ,We ignore what our ancestors told us in favor of man created religions. Yeah huge fail. Next time you try to prove me wrong do research study law in uni a few years and get a few majors in psychology .Lil man ive been places and done things that would blow your mind.

  13. @trisky1234 Tully when a 12 year old response comes to me like yours i just block , Because clearly ,You lack any form of intelligence.. But i thought i would show you some respect
    Those of you who think you know everything are very annoying to those of us who do..If ignorance is bliss, you must be the happiest person alive..
    I'd call you a tool, but even THEY serve a purpose. I'd call you a tool, but even THEY serve a purpose. 100,000 sperm and you were the fastest?,What a shame.

  14. the guy that says when he will return into the universe is right, if u dont belirve in ufos ur satans product, goin to hell, (stuck on earth soul will perish to the sun like mercury or venus simple as that! peace

  15. if u dont belirve in ufos ur satans product, goin to hell, (stuck on earth soul will perish to the sun like mercury or venus simple as that! Its a goverment thang…….peace

  16. Well, I don't know who's video it is, but I do know that the gov messes with communications. I live not far from White Sands Missile range and from time to time they will shut down cellphone communications in the cell towers nearest the range. Believe it or don't. So who's to say they didn't mess with this guys video when it was aired on t.v.

  17. Live about a few hundred yards from the Erie shoreline. Driving to my brothers yesterday I also saw something that was a UFO. Im not saying aliens were flying it or anything like that. Their was also a large ship(boat) about 8 miles out too. The object passed between my vision on the shore and the ship I was looking at. It was almost disk shaped, and rather dark grey or blueish grey in color. Moved extreamly fast and was gone quick, before I could even try to relocate its position. Just weird

  18. For reference this footage was recorded on Monday, June 20, 2005 and aired Tuesday June 21, 2005 on WOIO channel 19 Action News at 11pm. When the camera pans over you begin to hear my voice and then the zeros and ones appear. My part of the interview was never shown. – Aaron Clark, Cleveland Ufology Project

  19. This is normal.. There is an hidden code in the footage.. Im just saying.. stay humbled everyone and be blessed

  20. Hey I know exactly what this is! I live in North Carolina and in Fort Bragg they test experimental aircraft and I've seen this exact plane. Look up "TR3B" it was wild to see it was slowely shuttling by and it was in a triangle shape with three lights and a ironically enough for a stealth drone it made a loud low rumbling noise, think of a muffled power generator. I'll send the picture of the plane I'm talking about. Hopefully this will give closure to people out there! Hahaha.

    Here is a perfect example of what I saw of the aircraft "TR-3B AKA Black Manta" right down to perfect detail:

    So people don't freak out, it's not Aliens or "UFOS" it's just an experimental aircraft the United States Airforce is testing out as a drone.

    I'd like to visit Fort Bragg some time and take some pictures. I get them flying other planes like Cargo Planes and helicopters sending troops back and forth for training secessions before their deployment I assume. The Cargo Planes and Helicopters are loud as hell near my house at night and it goddamn wakes me up and sometimes they test out their cannons to make sure there not worn out so these things are a common occurrence where I live anyway hope that settles everything, thanks for reading.

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