Check Out These 3 UFO's Fly Past Megalithic Face Found in New York, Ra Castaldo

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39 Comments on “Check Out These 3 UFO's Fly Past Megalithic Face Found in New York, Ra Castaldo”

  1. There’s more than one face on that Rock 🙃.
    leakproject next time you are hiking take a really good look at the rocks and take pictures to compare with this one I bet you will see similar facial features in the Colorado Rocks. You’ll thank me later

  2. the shape it the copper is the MerKaba shape round the human we must try to activate our merkaba or we might get our memory wiped

  3. Question, were these objects flashing from red to green and back? because this happened in uk about 1 week ago three objects doing the same kind of movements i have a video of it.

  4. Back in the 90's my friends and I would go to these native and Celtic/Viking megalithic sites in the Hudson Valley and 'vector in' UFO's. Congratulations to the young man. One caveat is the military takes an interest also and might come sniffing around – jets, helicopters, even TR3B's. A good idea might be to look at all these locations on a map. Many of these sites are on straight lines or at interesting angles. Ciao.

  5. are we really thinking that Governments will let "VPN" a private company create a program that will keep them out?? Virtual Policing Network. FBI created High Times Magazine. IJS.! if ur not doing anything wrong. why worry right? lol

  6. May I suggest for your guest there, possibly turning his resonance in the direction of the five nations and Hiawatha, the Mother and that which they based the Democratic society in which we live. The long house etc. Difference, they left out the Mother and the creed to take care of Mother Earth. Just a thought and they are or can be much taller than seven feet, much like the Hopi. East, West, North, South, Above, Below. Six directions and what is the riffle, You must find your center, then what, go there.

  7. Venus is so bright , My grandfather was doing his airforce flight training at night and he thought he was following his friend but it was Venus!, He figured it out & got back on track.

  8. I see sometimes like 5 up to 15 stars dancing at night, every time I explain that people think I'm crazy sometimes they just chance location then stop for a few seconds or minutes, does are not starts

  9. Venus can be really really bright especially when it's in the southwest,ive heard of the flashing but haven't seen it my self,but really interesting video and discussion,thank Rex!

  10. Rex love your shows you a very nice person keep doing what you do.
    I will command a highly advanced ship 🚢 to make it's way above Earth and dispatch a extremely advanced satellite/ weapon system that will create a grid a lockdown all private government objects in the atmosphere.

  11. The grid will completely secure and over power everything and command over everything I will send for two highly advanced Orbs which I will command telepathically from here on end.

  12. A will put on my Scarab helmet start teleporting billions of sea land scarabs to places of interest The scarabs will work their magic throughout all nations seas strange and very weird events will start taking place on Earth seamen left with out their ships entire underground cities supplies technological equipment just being turned into mounts if shredders dust metals tunnels being bored channeling rivers of lava earth wide into the strongholds

  13. The scarabs will bring utter destruction to everything that the evil ones will have used against it's th citizens civilian even the police military they are are wicked ones they using you in the military police

  14. As the scarabs move their will rumblings under the Earth even in office buildings other places where tech supplies bio weapons manufacturing is taking place

  15. The scarabs will be teleported to north America within hours as they are teleported the satellite system will do what it was meant to do

  16. Ra is the real deal mystic, his eyes leaving the concert to see what the sky offers. He captured a unique trio that night, even if the middle one turns out to be Venus. If I'm home at dusk I climb stairs to the top to whisper that she's beautiful.

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