Chelyabinsk Meteor Destroyed By (UFO) Unidentified Flying Object.

The famous 2013 chelyabinsk blast was a meteorite that exploded in the atmosphere over Russia in 2013.

The blast injured over 1200 people, who knows what would have happened if it did not explode in time.

Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to upload their experience online. without all the community efforts it would have been impossible to compile this compilation.

All footage is not my own and has been found through various resources online.

Notable Sources,
– Daily Motion
– YouTube
– Channel 5 News
– ABC News

This video is provided strictly for educational purposes, footage is not licensed personally for commercial usage and therefore comes under Fair Usage for educational purposes.

I take no claim to the ownership of this content.

Most all videos are uploaded by independent amateur photographers and videographers, provided purely for educational purposes.


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