On July 7, Xiaoshan Airport closed down and delayed 18 flights. The reason being that an oddly shaped bright light appeared in the sky and caused confusion and panic. The fear levels have gone down, but people are still wondering what that light was.

The unidentified flying object (UFO), as its being called now, captured the attention of the Chinese media and sparked a firestorm of speculation on the UFO’s identity. An ABC News article on the mysterious sighting, explains the event in greater detail.

“It is a hidden U.S. bomber flying toward China,” one Internet user wrote on Monday. Another wrote on Saturday night, “In my opinion, the UFO is neither a U.S. missile nor a Russian satellite. Suggestions that it is extraterrestrial are even more preposterous. Everyone, use your head. This is clearly a man-made phenomenon. Would the U.S. or Russia risk provoking China’s anger by firing a missile or satellite rocket in Chinese skies, without warning? I believe the Chinese military is responsible for the UFO. It is a new missile or aircraft being tested out.”

The speculation is high, but UFO doesn’t necessarily mean little, green men. The ABC article explains that a day following the sighting, “an anonymous source told China Daily that authorities already discovered the identity of the UFO after an investigation but could not publicly disclose the information because ‘there was a military connection.'”

Authorities are continuing to look into the incident, but until the public receives some concrete answers, their minds will continue to wander. Many things fail to peak the interest of a society as much as a good UFO sighting or story. The Web has soared with searches for “china ufo.” Something strange happened, for sure, and we’ll all be on the edge of our seat until we find out what it was.

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  1. @chrisafism its not an alien phenomenon, there is a god.but i do believe in other life but farhter away n we have not made contact yet. we are the only life in the universe under satans temptation tho, and the thoughts your havin about maybe they made us is what these deceptive rebel spirits,not aliens want you to believe .take a look at the videos on here called "ufos the hidden truth"

  2. wow were way to impulsive and gullable, we need to just live our lives and when or if it happens that contact is made we should be both prepard and open to anything.

  3. @siamsurf Actually there are also many fake theories on antigravity also. There are some conmen in the world who have been claiming for decades to have invented some sort of antigravity machine who litterally live off of "research" donations. One such man is Jhon Searl. He claims to have built and flown a flying disk 60 years ago. He also claims that BBC did a weekly broadcast about it. When I contacted them to request a copy of the footage BBC had no idea what I was talking about.

  4. They want to prepare people to overcome fear. If they land all of a sudden people will freak out panic etc… Look at the sky once in a while so many evidence trust me. They are here just know that for sure. Take care

  5. @TATTOOTRAINING No what we have is a budding industry built around lies. One where all you have to do to make money is convince some one that the governements are actually evil and hiding every thing from us. That way thier fear that it might be true will drive them to buy books you write in hopes of learning more. The fact is most conspiraty theories are crap made up by people who figured it would be easier to do that then to get a real job.

  6. @MrAwsome514 no your wrong . i have been within 50 ft of 6 craft and have seen many types myself , i saw what many described so I KNOW they are 4 real with what they say . your either a disinfo tool or a typical skeptic who thinks everything is made up just because he hasnt seen it himself. and the government is evil and thus lie ,

  7. @TheBlitz1 what does at best a still photo of a plane with a really slow shutter have to do with a missile . ? or are you referring to another video?

  8. @TATTOOTRAINING Actually I am just a guy who looked into just how much money people make by perpetuating bull shit hoaxes and conspiracy theories. Turns out conspiracy theory is actually a big buisness. It is no wonder why people make them up when they can make thousands off of the people they convince.

  9. @MrAwsome514 no your a skeptic who doesnt believe anything . if someone gathers info and does research and compiles it for retail that not a scam that just fair. it doesnt mean every subject with a book or video if fake. the term conspiracy theory is a disinfo term , why dont you do research on disinfo cointelpro , allot of the time the government puts out stories to damage the whole , a turd in the punchbowl

  10. @TATTOOTRAINING Here is a question for you… What would you consider to be a viable source of information against the conspiracy theory if such a source existed? The problem with conspiracy theory is that once some one has you convinced that it is true he becomes the only source of information which you see as valid and you write off all other sources as invalid. The very use of the term disinformation agent was created to ensure that you see only them as a viable source of information.

  11. @MrAwsome514 i understand all that. but when you are a whitness or have talked to multiple witness all the jusk science and we say so from the government doesnt mean shit . when a person who is a witness and is asked a question and gives an answer that doesnt fit into the "official story" before it even comes out is scrubbed that proves to me the media is a tool. you truly do not know what is going on in this world , it is not what the tv leads to believe .

  12. @TATTOOTRAINING You wanna know what this probably was. Judging based on the beam of light seen below it I have to say it is some sort of a hologaphic projection. Just one hell of a bright projector using the clouds as a screen. Hologram tech is advancing after all. Hell the japanese are allready using it in concerts for a fully computer generated singer they have made. Who knows maybe the chinese governement was testing out a bigger version.

  13. @MrAwsome514 if it even that did you see the vid of a photo of a plane passin g by upon landing shot with a slow shutter ? looks exactly the same , the lights could be added , as for the airport being shut down branson was testing his galaxy space craft that week i think ? maybe it was just on hold for landing , i prefer video to photos unless the photos are crystal clear like dr reed

  14. Oh a brief update on the Jhon Searl example I gave. His claim was that the original machine supposidly built 60 years ago used neodymium magnets. It has come to my attention that neodymium was not invented untill the 1980s so how did he have it in the 1950s. The subculture that has formed amungst UFO enthusiasts has created the perfect environment for such conmen to thrive in. Just sayin.

  15. pretty ovious project bluebeam you can clearly see the lights . the lasers shining to the object . its a holagrafic image .

  16. Aurora does'nt exist except in some peoples imaginations so obviously thats out, doubt if its any type of conventional plane could be something experimental though. would've been better if it was video instead of stills.

  17. Google VOCALOID – Words of Love [Live Concert Realtime Hologram] If they can project a huge holographic human on to a stage for an entire concert who's to say that countless billions haven't been spent on secret government funded programs to develop a HUGE holographic ufo in the sky, I don't know maybe to stage alien invasions to create sheeple herd mentality and mass hysteria.

  18. @josiahpauloski5 AND. There are indeed E.T. extra denominational and otherwise, but let us not underestimate the cunning human mind, when it's full potential is harnessed. Those bent on deception WILL STOP AT NOTHING.

  19. You're right. We don't have metallic engineered craft that can fly. We don't believe their lies!!

  20. Oh hey! Have you heard about – Supreme Panic Magic (should be on google have a look)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate finally said good bye the anxiety problem with it.

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