Chinese Analysts OVERWHELMED By UFO (Unidentified Air Conditions) Sighting's

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32 Comments on “Chinese Analysts OVERWHELMED By UFO (Unidentified Air Conditions) Sighting's”

  1. That last photo looks like a batman light much rather than beams from an UFO as the rays converge the wrong way

  2. Wouldn’t it blow our minds just as much if it ends up being from an ancient civilization from Antarctica? It would connect some dots from Highjump etc

  3. Those are holograms. When you see the real thing and see how it moves. It blows these circles away. It is absolutely real and incredibly fast

  4. It's funny how we are all stunned by objects in our airspace and we say "Those damned [Americans/Chinese/Russians]"

  5. Great work! Note: the mic or audio in general is clipping. Consider a pop filter and adjusting levels.

  6. I'm in America and I see UFO all the time to the point I'm tired of filming them, but there a few vids on my channel if anyone is really interested in seeing what the objects look like..

  7. We (U.S.) consider the technology we're all seeing on earth is from the "foreign" adversaries.. The foreign adversaries point blame in the U.S. direction… while the aliens are laughing their skinny asses off at earthlings..

  8. Local Gravity Field Generators (worked on since the 1940s) would allow the impossible maneuvering observed of the UAPs. It's a long way for these craft to come with their silly lights. IMHO extra terrestrial vehicles and pilots are still on their way here from Alpha Centauri. 🙂

  9. China thinks it’s America & America thinks it’s China…… 🤷🏼‍♀️
    if the world was run by women, we’d have a chat over it, it’d go like this:
    “Hey, was that you flying over last night?”
    “No, we’re busy spying on our own people”
    “Oh, ok it must be those aliens again!” 👽 ⚡️ – Solved haha.

  10. Doon take offense but is it true that Scotsmen wear kilts because sheep can hear a zipper go down 3 kilometers away ! 👍 you have a sense of humor I imagine. As in 1832 my great great great grandparents left Ireland for the Americas. Humor is all they came over with!

  11. If someone is going to spill the beans about UFOs it is China and Russia.. I watched an interview with high ranking Russian military officers talking quite casually about UFOs, it was pretty refreshing..
    Thank You ❤️

  12. We think it is the Chinese and Russians, the Chinese and Russians think it is us… flash…'s "THEM".

  13. Whoever has these craft will control the world either by war or by threat of ability. I sure hope they are ours.

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