Chris Smalling sees "UFO" while in Jamaica (Every eye shall see)

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights or content to the news article, picture or video published. This video is solely for news updates and informative use. Free speech and opinions from a biblical and not religious point of view. This videos intended purpose is to create conversation within the comment box as social gatherings for debate which are limited in most public places. I am not a Doctor or a medical professional. I do not intend to misinform on medical procedures , so anything regarding your personal health should be discussed between you and your health care provider. kal halalyam la YAHAWAH BAHASHAM YAHAWASHI BAHASHAM RAWCHAA QADASH BARAK ATHAM DOUBLE HONORS UNTO THE APOSTLES & ELDERS OF GREATMILLSTONE SHALAWAAM WA CHASAADYAM wa Barakyam TO THE HOPEFUL ELECT LA HA BAYATH DAWADA. THE TWELVE TRIBES 1. YAHAWADAH = יהודה = JUDAH = NEGROES/AFRICAN AMERICANS 2. BANYAMAN = בנימן = BENJAMIN = WEST INDIES/ JAMAICA TO BELIZE 3. LAWAYA = לוי = LEVI = HAITIANS 4. SHAMAIWAN = שמעון = SIMEON = DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 5. ZABAWALAN = זבולן = ZEBULON = GUATEMALA TO PANAMA 6. AHPARYAM = אפרים = EPHRAIM = PUERTO RICANS 7. MANASHAH = מנשה = MANASSEH = CUBANS 8. GAD = גד = GAD = NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS 9. RAAHWABAN = ראובן = REUBEN = SEMINOLE INDIANS 10. NAPATHALAYA = נפתלי = NAPTHALI = ARGENTINA AND CHILE 11. AHSHAR = אשר = ASHER = COLOMBIA TO URUGUAY 12. YASHASHAKAR = יששכר = ISSACHAR


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